Laser Facials: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

As the latest beauty trend among celebrities, laser facials are a new way to get that smooth, clear complexion we all aim for. Laser facials have been around for a while, but their hefty price tags left few options for the rest of us who are on a budget. However, an affordable alternative is finally available.

The best part? It doesn’t require any downtime. Here’s what you need to know before rushing to book your appointment.

What Is a Laser Facial?

A laser facial, also called laser skin resurfacing, is designed to perfect the skin by reducing the appearance of bumps, acne, acne scars, wrinkles, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and other imperfections through the use of lasers. These lasers actually dissolve the molecular bonds of damaged skin cells layer by layer, deeply penetrating the layers of the skin that your cleansers can’t reach. Similar to a chemical peel, the lasers remove the epidermis, or the top layer of the skin, allowing healthier, younger looking skin to appear. The results are a soft, flawless appearance that few other products can offer.

How Is This New Process Different?

To make the laser facial more accessible, professionals have developed a process that uses lasers of lesser intensity, making the procedure shorter, less expensive, and with minimal or no side effects. This laser procedure is far less invasive than most alternative laser facials, as it sends hundreds of laser light pulses into the dermis. This process rids the face of damaged skin cells, causing them to regrow as fresh, healthy cells. The lasers also cause the body to produce higher levels of collagen, giving the skin a smoother, firmer appearance.

Before, people were dropping thousands of dollars for this kind of procedure, making it a luxury only the rich and famous could typically afford. Now, it’s simple to find a reputable location that provides laser facials for under $1,000. Skincare professionals are able to significantly reduce the cost by using a nonablative laser, as opposed to ablative lasers. The difference in lasers is what makes the healing process relatively nonexistent.

Similar to washing your face, the facial is recommended to be done on a regular basis. Since the effects last much longer than using any brand name cleanser, most people only get a laser facial once a week or even every other week. If you think about all the money you’re spending on facial products, this is actually a much more affordable solution, and the best part is that it actually works.

Ablative vs. Nonablative Lasers

Typically, you will be able to tell by the price of your laser facial by which laser will be used, but it’s best to be on the safe side and ask. Higher-priced laser facials use ablative lasers, which create open wounds on the skin’s surface in order to produce results. The wounds then heal, which is what provides patients with a fresh face.

Using an ablative laser for facials is considered an invasive procedure that must be done by a doctor, making these lasers less appealing to both celebrities and to us regular folk. Treatments typically take 30-45 minutes, and recovery can range from days to weeks depending on your skin and treatment type. This kind of laser facial is considered cosmetic surgery, so a hospital stay and anesthesia might be required.

A laser facial using nonablative lasers is a noninvasive procedure and tends to be in line with more casual beauty regimens, such as getting your nails done or a trip to the salon. These lasers target the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis, so there are no open wounds or downtime. Some people experience slight swelling or redness, but it’s a procedure that can easily be done on your lunch break since it only takes 15 minutes.

Since using nonablative lasers is a less aggressive technique, there’s less of a risk of side effects, making it safer overall. Several treatments are required before you’ll see a big difference in your skin’s appearance. However, with its affordable price tag at an average of $600-$700 per treatment, this new laser facial is obviously the better choice if you’re looking to rock the latest no makeup trend. The potential for amazing results is too great to pass up.

How to Get The ‘No Makeup’ Look

Celebrities are all about the fresh-faced, no makeup look these days, and most of us who couldn’t get contouring down are glad to see that look fade. The only thing about achieving this look is that you have to have flawless skin. Now that you know how to get rid of those acne scars and premature wrinkles with laser facials, here are a few more tips to perfecting the look.


We all know thick, flawless eyebrows are in but are practically impossible to achieve. Every day you might be penciling them in, but you’re likely wishing you could just wake up each morning with perfect brows to allow yourself time to catch a few extra ZZZs. Microblading is one way to achieve this. It uses a special pen to individually tattoo each eyebrow hair, allowing you to finally get the brows you’ve been attempting to draw each day. Results typically last two or three years, so when the trends change and thin eyebrows are back in, you won’t have a problem adjusting.

Facial Laser Hair Removal

Not only is facial hair embarrassing, but it can completely ruin your no makeup look if your foundation is getting stuck in the hairs. Even if you’re only using a tinted facial cream or simple blush, makeup tends to stick to the hair follicles, making it appear like you’re wearing much more makeup than you’ve applied. Whether you find that this problem occurs on your jawline or on your forehead, facial laser hair removal is the only way to ensure a smooth, hairless face for life. You’ll be able to target a small problem area, and after a few treatments, you’ll never have to worry about waxing or shaving again.

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