2024’s Most Popular Beauty Prep Tips for Valentines Day

beauty prep, valentine's day, beautyValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and many women choose to go the extra mile with their beauty routine in order to make the night special for themselves and their lucky date.

We use this day as an excuse to pamper ourselves, regardless of what our relationship status might be. Treat yourself this year and take a break from your winter blues by making February all about you.


Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day lands in one of the coldest winter months while many of us are dealing with dry, pale skin. Although a few minutes in the sun will hardly affect our coloring, we can certainly do our best to get rid of any dry skin. A gentle exfoliant is your best bet, as it will remove any skin that is naturally flaking off without harshly ripping into your healthy skin. Dry skin isn’t only limited to your face, though, so be sure to use an exfoliating body wash as well. Using lukewarm water to soften the skin before using an exfoliant will also help remove any dead skin. Not only will this make your face look healthier, but your makeup will absorb into your pores better, giving you a more natural look.


If you’ve been slacking on your skincare, now is definitely the time to start it up again. Moisturizing and exfoliating go hand in hand, as one without the other rarely offers the best results. After you’ve exfoliated your skin, use a moisturizer to heal any leftover dryness and prevent flaky skin in the future. It’s best to apply your face and body lotion immediately after taking a warm shower, as this is when your pores are open and best able to absorb moisturizer.

Get a Haircut

Nothing builds a woman’s confidence more than a fresh haircut. The day before Valentine’s Day might not be the best time to go for a completely new look, but there’s certainly no harm in freshening up those gorgeous locks with a nice trim a few days prior. This will give your hair a clean, neat look that you’ll find easy to style and maintain. If you’re really into treating yourself, book your appointment on Valentine’s Day so you can get your hair cut and styled, ensuring perfection for your big night. Valentine’s Day is, after all, all about you.

Get Your Teeth Whitened

Many of us have at least one bad habit that discolors our teeth. It might be a love of red wine, an addiction to coffee, or the sheer desire to curl up each night with a cup of tea. Despite using straws and going through tubes and tubes of whitening toothpastes, we never seem to get our pearly whites as white as we’d truly like. Fortunately, teeth whitening is a rather quick process and can even be done at home. Professional whitening might be costly, but DIY whitening strips or trays are relatively cheap and can be used right before you head out. A whiter smile will certainly lead to a night of more laughter.

Get a Manicure

There’s no better place to go to pamper yourself than at a spa. Not only can you get a manicure to prep for your Valentine’s Day date, but you can throw in a few other services just for the heck of it. It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard your feet! Get a pedicure and throw in a massage while you’re at it. This way you’ll be nice and relaxed for your big night out, and they’ll take care of some of the exfoliating and moisturizing for you.

Go Shopping

Even if you’re not sure what you’ll be doing yet, splurge on a cute outfit or dress for yourself. This is especially important for those who have been in the same relationship for a while, as it’s always nice to show up on date night with an outfit he hasn’t seen you in yet. While you’re already out, there’s no harm in buying something sexy to wear underneath your new outfit as well.  Tailored to fit perfectly, a men’s custom suit not only enhances your man’s appearance but also boosts his confidence, making it an ideal choice for a romantic date or special occasion.

Hit the Gym

If you’re feeling any pre-date jitters, hitting the gym is definitely the best way to work them out. The effects will last long into the evening, significantly lowering your stress and putting your anxiety to rest. You’ll get a major confidence boost from all those endorphins you’ll be releasing during your workout sesh, and no amount of moisturizing can achieve that post-workout glow you’ll see in the mirror.

Make Reservations

Better make your reservations now before you end up waiting for two hours in a crowded restaurant only to be sat inches from another couple. Don’t leave it up to your date! If you have somewhere specific in mind, take initiative and make the call today. We all know just how forgetful these men can be, so unless you plan on pampering yourself just to sit at home and order a pizza, get on the phone now.

Take Care Of Your Bikini Line

We all know that things can get a little frisky on Valentine’s Day. Between the nice outfits, the box of candy, the fancy dinner, and endless bottles of wine, this holiday sure adds a bit of romance to the air. If you think the night might head in this direction, then you’ll certainly want to tend to your bikini line. Better yet, go for the Brazilian! Either way, be sure to avoid any of those DIY hair removal methods that often provide disastrous results.

Laser hair removal is the only permanent hair removal solution, completely eliminating any upkeep that’s required when you choose to shave or wax. A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment can eliminate hair from the entire pubic region, including the labia and perianal areas. Lasers are able to effectively remove pubic hair by targeting the pigment in the hair follicles without doing any damage to the color or texture of the epidermis. While you will require anywhere between five to eight treatments to ensure the effects are permanent, getting started now with help from Body Details will certainly give your skin a soft and flawless appearance in time for Valentine’s Day.

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