Eyebrow ‘Carving’ is the New Eyebrow Trend for 2017

It’s official! Eyebrow Art is officially a thing, and eyebrow carving has made its mark on the beauty world. Developed by Texas makeup artist Alexa Link, the look uses bold or natural colors to frame each brow to make them stand out.

As the most recent eyebrow craze to hit Instagram, it might seem impossible to achieve for those who don’t exactly consider themselves artists, however, with so many variations to this look, finding what works for you can be simple.

To achieve this look, simply take an eyeliner pencil and trace your eyebrows, leaving a small space between the brow and pencil line. Then take a complimentary eyeshadow pallet and blend the lines you’ve drawn away from the brow, so there’s a noticeable space in between the brow and eye pencil. Some makeup artists have taken the look to a whole new level by repeating the carved look around their lips or even by winging their eyeliner and outlining the wing.

If the bold look of eyebrow carving isn’t for you, there are several other eyebrow art trends that have been making their rounds on social media this year for you to try. These bold looks might not be ideal for a day at the office, but for those who engulf themselves in the fashion and beauty industries, be sure to practice one of these hot brow trends so you can perfect it in time for your next big event.

Feather Eyebrows

With the latest eyebrow trend being bold, thick brows, brow hairs are long enough to do some seriously funky things. Feather brows require naturally thick brows, so if your eyebrows never recovered from the over-plucked trend of the early 2000’s, you probably won’t be able to pull this one off. Like its name, feather eyebrows are when your brows are combed to look like actual feathers. The look can be achieved with a bit of Vaseline. After parting your brows through the middle, simply brush the top hairs further up, and the bottom hairs down, and apply a bit of vaseline to make it stick.

This might be the optimal look for some, but those with thin eyebrows might have trouble pulling it off. To solve this problem, some artists use eyeliner colors to draw a feather-like image on top of the feathered brow to give it more substance. They’re also using bold colored eyeliner to turn this eyebrow art into abstract art.

Dragon Eyebrows

Messy eyebrows may have been a thing of the 90s, but they’ve made a comeback in the form of dragon brows. This style requires some gel or vaseline, and a bit of patience. Similar to a dragon’s tail, dragon eyebrows are achieved by combing the hair up into several spikes, ideally five or six. The spikes should stay after adding the gel. This look can be done to perfection, creating six perfectly formed triangles with your brows, or it can be done sloppily so that each spike varies in size and direction. It’s a trending alternative to the messy brow look.

Barbed Wire Eyebrows

An alternative to the dragon eyebrows, the barbed wire look is another messy piece of art. Taking after its name, this look can be achieved by twisting and brushing sections of the eyebrow both up and down. Gel or Vaseline can be used to keep sections of the hair clumped together so that they meet with a sharp end. Unlike the larger triangular shapes used to create the dragon brow look, the barbed wire brows require skinny triangular shapes so that they represent the sharp ends of actual barbed wire.

Pom Pom Eyebrows

Makeup artists have been using mini pom poms to accent their facial features and makeup, including their eyebrows. They’ve been taking these colorful balls of fuzz out of their arts and crafts boxes and gluing them on their brows with a bit of eyelash glue. More than just eyebrow art, these little balls of magic have been used to accent the eyes and even cover up blemishes. It seems that when it comes to brow art, anything goes.

Whether you’re still trying to figure out how to get your brows “on fleek” or you’ve mastered some of the most difficult brow art trends, it’s still important to keep your eyebrows well-groomed. From unibrows to an overgrown brow, it’ll be hard to keep your eyebrows shaped if you can’t tell the difference between the hair that should stay and the hair that needs to go. So before you post any photos of your brows on Instagram, make sure they’re perfectly groomed and maintained!

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Paul A. Boulos
Dr. Paul A. Boulos is an excellent and versatile cosmetic surgeon, passionate about his vocation and helping others. Dr. Boulos is an alumni of Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his General Surgery training at Inspira Medical in Southern New Jersey. He studied and learn under Dr. Joseph Castellano, one of the premier breast and body Cosmetic Surgeons in South Florida. He currently works as a Cosmetic Surgeon at Jolie Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL.