Plucking refers to removing hairs being pulled from the root with a set of tweezers. Plucking is most commonly done to the eyebrows, chin, upper lip, and neck. It provides the accuracy that waxing or shaving cannot, which is important when maintaining the eyebrows, but there are many disadvantages that may make you think twice before pulling out those tweezers again.


Creating the perfect arch is a work of art, so plucking usually leads to over-plucking, especially when the person is using his or her dominant hand. This leads to asymmetrical brows.


There’s nothing more time consuming than staring into a magnifying mirror with a pair of tweezers in hand, attempting to catch those tiny chin hairs. Just when there seems to be no more hairs left to pluck, a dozen more find their way into the light. Many people combine plucking with waxing to save time, but the time spent driving to and from the salon likely evens out in the end.


Many people assume that tweezers rip every hair out from its root, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the hair will be torn, leaving a small hair beneath the skin. Damaged from almost being plucked, these hairs are likely to grow back improperly, causing blemishes and ingrown hairs.