Eight Reasons to Fall in Love with Miami Style

miami styleMiami has beach life down to a T, and no matter how many beach towns try to mimic Miami’s style, it’s just never the same. If you don’t agree, the following eight reasons will convince you.

Reason 1: Our Nightlife

Miami may not be the city that never sleeps, but we’re a city that knows how to party. Our nightlife ranges from laid-back pubs to packed nightclubs, but what makes Miami’s nightlife unique is the weather. The tropical climate enables bars to keep their rooftops and patios open all year round. It’s not uncommon for clubs to host daytime parties poolside, allowing our residents to show off their hard-earned beach bodies in the latest fashion trends. This leads to the next reason you’ll fall in love with Miami style.

Reason 2: Our Taste in Clothing

In Miami, we know how to turn up the heat, and that means dressing our best when we head out for the night. There’s no holding back when it comes to Miami fashion, and the latest beauty trends are just the beginning. Miami’s Luxury Design District provides the most luxurious accessories to ensure we’re dressed to the nines. Showing off all that skin might make you wonder how Miami residents keep their body in check, leading to our next item.

Reason 3: Our Active Lifestyle

When we aren’t salsa dancing in clubs or lounging on the beach, we’re on the move. Whether we’re biking on the boardwalk or surfing Miami Beach waves, we rarely stay still. Our city promotes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to take advantage of the scenery and weather by taking up an outdoor hobby, such as paddle boarding. Even our older residents take up yoga or water aerobics to keep themselves fit and healthy. We dance all night and wake up early for Zumba. When do we relax? On the beach, of course!

Reason 4: Our Beach Life

We stay active, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take time to sit back and relax. And where’s the best place to do that in Miami? The beach. With over seven miles of sand, Miami’s beaches are the ideal spot to soak up the sun.

Reason 5: Our Beach Gear

Miami women take maxi dresses to a whole new level, making our boardwalks look more like a runway, but where we truly shine is on the beach. No swimsuit is too small for Miami’s beaches. Unlike most American beaches, it’s not uncommon for Miami’s women to stroll around in a thong or for men to wear Speedos and smaller suits.

Reason 6: Our Outdoor Concerts

With our year-round warm weather, there isn’t a single day of the year that isn’t ideal for enjoying an outdoor concert. Consequently, it’s common for us to top off a day at the beach with some live tunes. Additionally, Miami is known for annual music festivals, such as the Ultra Music Festival, which floods city streets with house music and unique artists. Each spring, Miami residents gear up for Jazz in the Gardens, which brings soul, R&B, and jazz to Hard Rock Stadium, but first we hit the Calle Ocho Festival in February. This 23-block music festival gives us the latest insight into what’s hot in the Latin, hip hop, and reggae scene, and has become one of the largest music festivals in the world.

Reason 7: Our Modern Architecture

Miami Modern architecture, or MiMo, was first developed in South Florida during the post-war period, when amusement and glamour were added to Miami buildings. This style was typically reserved for lavish resorts and hotels, which have become a major reason for tourist visits. Some of the most recognized buildings in Miami are the Fontainebleau Hotel, Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel, and Norman Giller’s Carillon Miami Beach, which was voted Hotel of the Year in 1959.

Miami is also home to the Art Deco District, which consists of eleven buildings that are protected by the Miami Design Preservation League. This nonprofit organization’s goal is to preserve any Miami building that demonstrates art deco style, including symmetrical buildings with decorative panels, round porthole windows, curved corners, and ziggurat-style rooflines. Beachfront properties with these attributes are often referred to as Tropical Deco because the buildings reflect local influences, such as the ocean, beach, palm trees, etc.

Reason 8: Our Beauty Sense

We’ve always been ahead of others when it comes to beauty trends, whether it’s the hottest makeup brands or the latest hair styles. Since we’re constantly on the beach and showing off our tanned skin, hair removal is essential. With our busy schedules, we’re more likely to stick with a permanent solution like laser hair removal. It’s the number one beauty trend in Miami.

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