6 Easy Steps to Care for Your Skin After Laser Tattoo Removal

6-easy-steps-to-care-for-your-skin-after-laser-tattoo-removalIf you’re considering tattoo removal service you should know after each session, your laser technician’s job might be done but yours has just begun.

Taking care of your skin while it’s healing is an important part of the process, and will help ensure you’re left without scars or skin discoloration when removal is complete. Just like there was an aftercare procedure when you got the tattoo, there’s one for the removal process which needs to be done after each laser session.

How to Care For Your Skin After Tattoo Removal

1. Don’t Panic

The effects the laser has on the skin after a laser tattoo removal session will vary from person to person, so if your skin doesn’t look like the images you see on Google, don’t freak out! Immediate skin reactions often consist of redness and swelling. Additionally, your skin might have a white frosted appearance indicating that the ink in your tattoo has properly absorbed the laser. Pinpoint bleeding might also occur during your session, however this is perfectly normal. As time passes, your skin will begin to heal, which might cause blisters to form and the skin to feel dry and itchy. Try not to scratch or pick at the area, as this can cause scars.

2. Apply Ice

Apply ice over your tattoo’s bandage to reduce swelling and any discomfort. Be sure not to apply the ice directly to the skin, and only use it in 20 minute intervals. Doing this will also reduce the chance of any blisters forming and help to speed up the healing process. Even though swelling and discomfort might fade over just a few days, that doesn’t mean the skin has finished healing. The full healing process will take at least a week.

3. Keep The Area Clean

Taking a shower can be rough the first few days after a laser tattoo removal session, as any high-pressured water hitting the treated area will increase your discomfort. Try your best to keep the part of your body out of the direct stream and instead splash water on it with your hand. Wash the area with warm water and soap, and pat the area dry. It’s important not to scrub the area with a towel or use exfoliating soap as this will cause further irritation and can lead to scarring. To prevent skin dryness and peeling, apply Vaseline or Aquaphor after each shower.

4. Do Not Shave

Skip shaving the area around your tattoo while going through the laser tattoo removal process. While the skin might take a week or so to heal, shaving the area can further irritate the skin so that it takes longer to heal. The razor will not only remove hair but it can remove skin and pop blisters before they were ready, which can lead to scars. You’ll likely be able to shave after the skin has completely healed, and before your next session.

5. Wear Sunscreen

The lasers will make skin extra sensitive to the sun, and you should put sunscreen on your tattoo several times a day if you’re out in the sun. It’s recommended that you use 30 SPF or higher and do this throughout the entire process regardless of where your skin is at in the healing process. Having a sunburn will make your next laser tattoo removal session much more difficult, and your licensed technician might have to reschedule your appointment. You should be used to layering on the sunscreen anyway, as tattoos require SPF protection in order to stay vibrant and bright.

6. Be Happy

You’re well on your way to finally getting rid of the tattoo that has haunted you for years, and that’s certainly something to smile about! These skin care tips will ensure that your end result is a blank canvas with no scars or remnants of the ink you’re getting rid of.

Learn more about each of these steps from Brittany in this video.

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