Is Brazilian Waxing Worth It? Waxing Cost vs. Laser Hair Removal

If you find yourself searching for “Brazilian wax near me” or “bikini wax near me,” stop right now! There’s a better option available to you, and it’s one that offers permanent results. Brazilian and bikini line laser hair removal can ensure that you stay soft and smooth down there, with no worry of redness or razor bumps, no ingrown hairs, and no embarrassing stubble. Best of all, over the course of your lifetime the laser hair removal process can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention being able to avoid routine trips to the waxing salon.

While there are countless benefits of laser hair removal compared to getting a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax, understanding the costs over time can help put things into greater perspective. You’ll see that laser hair removal can put a lot more money, and time, back in your pocket. That’s more money you can spend on sexy black dresses, drinks on the beach, or anything your heart desires.

The Cost of Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal

Reports state that the average cost of a Brazilian wax ranges anywhere from approximately $55-$90 per session. However, those rates can certainly increase when visiting a high-end waxing salon or spa. And while you may be able to find cheaper services, they are often at locations that don’t specialize in waxing–let alone Brazilian waxes, which take expertise and precision.

A bikini wax can run you anywhere from $30-$50 depending on the establishment. These amounts don’t factor in the tip for your technician. Say you add 20% to the total cost each time, a professional Brazilian wax can cost nearly $110.

When you opt to have Brazilian or bikini laser hair removal at Body Details, you select your package and pay one flat fee for all of your treatments. Our FREE Devil’s in the Details™ Guarantee ensures that you will receive FREE touchups for life*. While the cost of laser hair removal may be more upfront, we’ll explain below how it can actually save you thousands of dollars.

How Long Does a Brazilian Wax Last?

One of the reasons that many women prefer Brazilian and bikini waxes compared to shaving is that the waxing lasts much longer. Your skin may remain smooth for anywhere from three to four weeks before stubble reemerges. But some people have hair that simply grows more quickly than others and may find themselves in need of a wax more frequently.

Waxing Costs over Time

To put the cost of a Brazilian wax near you in perspective, it helps to break it down. Say your waxing sessions are on the lower end of the expense scale, and you pay $55 per session plus $11 tip, a total $66 per wax per visit. Now, say your wax lasts on the longer end of the spectrum for the full four weeks.

Using this math you will have to return to get a Brazilian or bikini wax near you thirteen times a year. Multiply that $66 total by thirteen visits and in just one year your cost totals $858. And remember, that’s the best-case scenario.

Over the span of five years, you’re likely to pay more than $4,000 for Brazilian and bikini waxes if you follow the math. Extend that to over the course of 10 years and you’re looking at more than $8,000. That’s a lot of money!

Luckily, laser hair removal costs much less in the long run compared to regular waxing sessions. And not only does it cost much less comparatively, but it offers countless other benefits.

Laser Hair Removal Costs over Time

The benefit of choosing bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal is that, at Body Details, you will pay for your treatment sessions and eliminate hair for good or continue to receive treatments for free under the terms of our lifetime guarantee. You won’t have to pay again in the future to treat the same spot as laser hair removal, for the vast majority of people, gets rid of the hair it treats for good.

While you may be hesitant to pay for laser hair removal, when you look at the difference in cost over just a few years the choice becomes clear. Laser hair removal is much less expensive than continuing to wax or shave, and it comes with even more benefits. Read more frequently asked questions about laser hair removal.

And, don’t forget, if you ever do need a touchup on the area you had treated, with our Devil’s in the Details™ Guarantee, it’s free for your entire life. Whether you would like a touchup next year, or seven years down the line, you are totally covered. What waxing salon can say that!?

*written terms apply to the lifetime guarantee

9 Benefits of Choosing Laser Hair Removal over Waxing

If the cost-saving aspect of laser hair removal isn’t enough to convince you to stop searching for “Brazilian wax near me” or “bikini wax near me” and start looking into a more permanent option, there are countless other benefits that make laser hair removal the best route to take.

Permanent Results

First, the results are permanent. Once laser treatment destroys a hair follicle, it cannot regrow. This means that you will never have to worry about stubble peeking out from your bikini unexpectedly. You will never have to run home before a surprise invite to a pool party to touchup your bikini line ever again. You can just grab your swimsuit and go!

Shadow-Free Skin

Another one of the largest benefits and comments that we hear from clients is that they are glad they no longer have to deal with the dark shadows left on their skin from shaving and waxing. Since shaving doesn’t treat hair below the surface, no matter how fresh or sharp your razor blade is you are always left with skin that looks shadowy.

No Missed Spots

One of the most frustrating parts of waxing is getting home and realizing that the salon professional missed a spot. Now, you either have to maintain the area yourself between appointments, or go all the way back and pay to have them fix it. When you get permanent laser hair removal you should never have to worry about a missed spot ever again.

No On-Going Pain

Let’s face it, when you’re searching for a Brazilian wax near you or a bikini wax near you, you’re already thinking about the pain that comes with it. Can you imagine going through that process every month for the rest of your life to maintain smooth skin?

With laser hair removal you don’t have to. We use a special cooling technology before and throughout treatment that ensures you remain as comfortable as possible. And since laser hair removal is permanent, once your sessions are done and you no longer have treatable hair, that’s it! There are no more painful sessions to dread in the future. Many clients report that Brazilian and bikini line laser hair removal hurts much less than waxing.

No Breakouts or Ingrown Hairs

If you’re getting a Brazilian wax or a bikini line wax, it’s because you want smooth, flawless skin. We get it. But you know how it goes with waxing. Many clients complain that in the days immediately following their waxing session they experience small red bumps, breakouts, irritation, and ingrown hairs. This defeats the purpose of getting the wax in the first place!

No one wants to step out onto the beach in their brand new bikini and sun-kissed skin with a red rash or irritation along their bikini line. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can be embarrassing. When you get permanent laser hair removal you likely never have to worry about this again.

Professional Medical Treatment

Even the most high-end spas and waxing salons don’t hire true medical professionals to perform Brazilian or bikini waxes. You may receive service from an individual with a waxing license, an esthetician license, or a cosmetology license, but not an individual with medical credentials.

That’s a huge benefit to getting laser hair removal at Body Details– we only staff Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) to perform laser skin treatment. APRNs undergo years of training, all holding master’s degrees in the healthcare/medical field. Furthermore, our APRNs go through training with Body Detail’s medical experts as well as the laser manufacturers. You will never receive service like this at a waxing salon or spa. Ask about our laser hair removal lifetime guarantee!

Individualized Treatment Plans

When you go to get a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax, it’s likely that you will receive the same exact treatment as the person before you and the person who comes after you. Waxing salons and spas don’t take the time to evaluate your unique skin and hair type, it’s generally a cookie-cutter service.

With laser hair removal at Body Details, this is not the case. We have laser specialists who evaluate your unique skin type, sensitivity, and hair type to develop a treatment plan that is entirely unique to you. No two laser treatment plans are the same. Additionally, we calibrate our lasers specifically based on your needs to provide the most effective results in the shortest amount of time possible. You won’t get this sort of attention at a salon or spa.

Specialized Tips to Care for Your Skin

Your waxing salon may tell you to moisturize or to avoid certain activities before or after a wax, but they don’t get into the details like we do. Our laser specialists and APRNs will help you develop a comprehensive plan to care for your skin while undergoing treatment. This minimizes the risk of experiencing side effects and helps you get the best results.

We’ll go over everything with you, like whether or not it’s safe to go tanning and which beauty products are best for your skin throughout treatment. And if you ever have any questions, just ask! Our friendly medical professionals are here to help your skincare dreams come true while saving you money on having to wax in the future.

A FREE Consultation

Have you ever gone into a salon or spa inquiring about a Brazilian wax or bikini wax and had them offer you a free consultation? Most likely not. Typically you have to schedule an appointment, go in, and pay for the service. However, at Body Details when you get laser hair removal instead of a Brazilian or bikini wax you will receive a FREE consultation with a laser specialist to help determine if treatment is right for you. We’ll go over all your options, your projected treatment plan, and from there it’s your decision! We won’t charge you a thing for a professional consultation.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

No more searching for “Brazilian wax near me” or “bikini wax near me!” Instead, come see the laser specialists at Body Details for a FREE laser hair removal consultation with no obligation. We’ll go over the process of Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal with you and develop an individualized treatment plan. With flexible financing options for those who qualify, it’s affordable, simple, and best of all offers permanent results or free treatments for life until you achieve them*.

And remember, over the course of just a few years it can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in waxing costs!

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