Laser Hair Removal: A Treatment for Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are the worst. They cause painful bumps and irritation that can make putting on a bikini more frustrating than it needs to be, and we often end up laying by the pool or on the beach with our shorts on.

If you suffer from unsightly blemishes around your bikini line, ingrown hairs are likely to blame. Don’t put up with it anymore, and get smooth, flawless skin with laser hair removal.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are caused by shaving or waxing the hair around your bikini line. These hair removal methods tend to damage and break the hairs, causing them to grow in crooked. Even waxing doesn’t pull up all of the strands by their root, and when the hairs start growing in sideways, they can be extremely painful. The skin reacts by trying to push the hair out, which leads to a reddish bump similar to a pimple. While ingrown hairs are more likely to occur in people with thick, curly hair, they can happen to anyone. They often occur on men’s faces, under the arms, and around the bikini line.

How Laser Hair Removal Helps

Bikini line laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment, or color, of the hairs. After absorbing the laser, the hair follicle is destroyed and will no longer grow back. This completely eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs around your bikini line; the hair can’t grow in crooked if it’s not growing in at all. Having laser hair removal treatments also helps to perfect the skin in the treated area, leaving it smooth and flawless.

Benefits of Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

There are a number of benefits to getting laser hair removal treatments on your bikini line. Think of how much time and money you spend on maintaining the area. It requires constant upkeep, but by having the hair along your bikini line permanently removed, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

Instead of rushing to shave quickly before heading out the door to go to the beach, causing major razor burn, you can just slip on your bathing suit and be ready to go. All that time you spend shaving or waxing will be yours to do with as you please once you’ve finished your laser hair removal treatments.

Aside from time, you’ll also be saving a ton of money. Laser hair removal might cost more upfront, but once it’s done, then you’re all set. You can go back for touchups as needed, but that’s often covered under your original package, depending on what laser clinic you go to. It’s not like waxing, where you have to schedule an appointment every few weeks and drop a ton of money on the service, plus aftercare products. That can get pretty pricey, especially if you have sensitive skin. Even the price of shaving adds up over the years if you consider not just the razors but also the shaving creams and ointment for razor burn.

Laser hair removal also makes your skin look fantastic. The laser can be used to eliminate any skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation that people often experience on their bikini line. It can also reduce the appearance of scars or blemishes that have formed over the years from improper shaving and waxing. Without hair growth, you can say goodbye to chaffing, sweating, blemishes, and other unmentionable irritants that occur in that area. After just a few laser treatments, you’ll be dying to show off your new bikini line.

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Options

Once you’ve decided that laser hair removal is the best option for you, then decide exactly what areas you’d like treated. You can choose between Brazillian laser hair removal and bikini line laser hair removal, both of which can be customized. For reference, the bikini line refers to the area outside of the bathing suit, typically up to two or three inches away from the panty line. It can also extend to some areas covered by your bikini bottoms, but it likely won’t include much more than that. Brazilian laser hair removal, on the other hand, will permanently eliminate hair from the entire pubic area, but of course, can be customized so that some hair is left if that’s what you prefer. Check out our laser hair removal faqs for more answers to the most common questions.

Schedule your laser hair removal consultation today. If you’re still undecided, watch model Gillian Nation go for one of her laser hair removal treatments and get a better feel for how it’s done.

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Paul A. Boulos
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