7 Beauty Products in Your Kitchen

Hundreds of beauty products use natural ingredients to achieve better results and to protect sensitive skin, but many people don’t realize that they don’t need to pay the hefty prices that come along with some of these items. As long as their kitchen is well stocked, that is.

You’d be surprised by how some of the items found in your refrigerator and pantry can be used to replace dozens of beauty products including makeup, face wash, toner, and spot treatments for acne. Not only can using natural ingredients save you money, but they might offer you better results, as you will no longer subject your skin to the harsh chemicals often found in store-bought products. So, before you head to the supermarket, add these items to your shopping list!

1. Raw Honey

As a natural antibacterial substance, raw honey is said to reduce the appearance of acne and redness. It can be used to draw bacterial fluids out of the skin and reduce inflammation. While some individuals claim that raw honey doesn’t work as well as creams containing benzoyl peroxide, it works great for those with sensitive skin who can experience further irritation or excessively dry skin when using products containing these kinds of harsh chemicals.

2. Lemon Juice

We all know that spraying some lemon juice in our hair while we’re lounging outside during warmer months will naturally lighten our hair color, but there are so many other uses for this kitchen item. Creating a solution equal parts lemon juice and vinegar can be used for scalp exfoliation to rid dead skin cells or even shampoo or hair product buildup. The same solution can be used on the face for the same reasons, helping to get rid of dry skin and face mask residue. Using pure lemon juice on your scalp can help reduce oily hair, either by soaking your head in some or simply applying it by hand. It’s important that any natural beauty products with lemon juice are thoroughly washed off your skin before you spend any time outside. UV rays combined with lemon juice will create skin irritation and can even remove melanin from the skin.

3. Avocado

When your winter skin has got your face feeling raw and dry, avocados are the best natural alternative to any hydration mask. With recipes for dozens of different avocado masks available online, it can be difficult to figure out which one will be best for you. The simplest recipe only calls for two items, an extremely ripe avocado and some raw honey. Use a whole avocado with a tablespoon of honey, or increase the honey content to ½ cup for more hydration. Not only are these masks free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can be harsh for the skin, but avocados are known to clean pores as well. This fruit is also great for slowing down the aging process, as it is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and improves elasticity.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Acne and acne spots can be the worst, and it seems no matter how many times we wash our face, our pimples remain and our skin dries out. It turns out that a lot of soaps and face washes contain dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals that are likely causing more harm than good. This is why many people turn to apple cider vinegar, a natural alternative to any store-bought face wash. Made from organic apples, apple cider vinegar is fermented twice so that nutrients are preserved. Using a watered down half vinegar solution, this face wash seems to have endless benefits including its ability to draw toxins out of the pores, reduce the appearance of acne scars and age spots, prevent acne from forming, and even help to eliminate wrinkles. The solution can also be used as a spot treatment to further help problem areas.

5. Coffee Grounds

Cellulite can often get in the way of you wearing what you want, so before you go out, try this natural home remedy in the shower. Mix ¼ cup of fresh ground coffee with three tablespoons of hot water and let it sit for ten minutes. Then mix in two tablespoons of olive oil, which makes it easier to spread. After cleansing your problem areas for a few minutes in the shower, turn off the water and massage the paste into your skin for 2-4 minutes before rinsing off. While the results aren’t permanent, they’re certainly effective as the caffeine and antioxidants in the coffee dilate blood vessels and tighten the skin.

6. Eggs

If you run out of shampoo, don’t fret! Save yourself a trip to the store and instead take a trip to your refrigerator for some eggs. Especially effective for those who suffer from thin or fine hair, using an egg solution to wash your hair not only leaves you clean but also adds body and texture. Also great for giving your hair a natural shine, eggs can be combined with other natural ingredients based on what kind of hair you have. For example, adding a teaspoon of honey will create a more moisturizing shampoo that’s great for those who suffer from a dry scalp.

7. Tea Bags

We’ve all had those late nights that left us looking worn out and tired the next day. All the makeup in the world can’t always cover up dark and puffy under eye bags, and creams that solve this problem are pricey. Tea bags are extremely effective and easy to use, so next time you make yourself a cup of tea, give it a try. Steep two tea bags (black tea with caffeine) in hot water for five minutes before placing them on a plate. Stick the plate in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or so while you enjoy your tea. Wring out any excessive water before placing them on your eyes for 15-30 minutes. Similar to how coffee grounds work, the caffeine in the tea will shrink the blood vessels around your eyes, ultimately reducing puffiness and dark circles.

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