What is Skin Tag Removal – Can Laser Treatment Help?

If you have skin tags, then you’ve likely looked into dozens of solutions for getting rid of them. While they’re typically harmless, skin tags can be frustrating because no matter what you do to them, they usually manage to grow back.

Impossible to avoid, there are a number of treatment options to consider. Laser treatment, however, is the only treatment that leaves your skin looking better than ever. If you suffer from skin tags, learn how laser treatments can help.

What Are Skin Tags

A skin tag is a small growth that typically matches your skin color or appears slightly pinker. Different from a wart or blemish, a skin tag tends to hang off the skin in the shape of a tiny balloon. They’re usually smaller than a pencil eraser but can grow to be as large as a small grape. While they’re harmless, they’re also annoying, and most adults will have at least one in their lifetime. The only known cause of these skin growths is obesity, which can cause you to have excessive skin tags.

Where Do Skin Tags Form?

Most skin tags develop in the folds of the skin. This includes the eyelids, armpits, groin, and under the breasts. Those who are overweight will experience skin tags in other areas as well, including the stomach, back, and legs. They’re most common in areas where the skin folds and rubs against itself.

Skin Tag Removal Options

Your options for removing skin tags are vast, but you’re often left with a mark that can become more unsightly than the original skin tag was. These kinds of treatments include freezing, burning, and even cutting it off, but these methods rarely eliminate the whole growth, and often leave you with a scar. Sometimes skin tags will fall off naturally, but more often than not they fall off because you’ve accidentally shaved them off. If this leaves you with a scar, your only option to get rid of any unsightly marks is to get laser treatments.

How Laser Skin Rejuvenation Can Help

Laser skin rejuvenation can help, to remove both your skin tags and any scars they leave behind, by targeting the damaged skin cells that are causing them in the first place. As skin tags are located deep the in the layers of your skin, lasers eliminate them by creating microscopic wounds that encourage the skin to go through the healing process. This forces the body to produce new skin cells and collagen, both of which will help to eliminate any skin imperfections, including skin tags. After several laser treatments, you’ll notice smooth, flawless-looking skin.

Contrary to popular belief, skin tags won’t grow back after removing one via laser. The cause of skin tags is still unknown, and the number of these growths a person develops in their lifetime is often genetic or directly related to their weight. So, if you can’t get rid of a skin tag, there’s no harm in having it removed with laser skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of Choosing Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser technology has advanced so that fractional lasers are able to target imperfections deep within the layers of the skin without damaging the surface. Not only does this make fractional lasers more effective, but it allows them to get the job done without the recovery time that other cosmetic procedures require. Laser treatments are done quickly, often in under an average of just fifteen minutes.

Without needing downtime, it should come as no surprise that laser skin rejuvenation treatments have few side effects. Most patients experience minimal redness, and swelling that fades within the hour. Other side effects people experience include a burning sensation around the treated area similar to a minor sunburn, and temporary blistering.

You will likely need several laser treatments to get the results you’re looking for, but you’ll definitely notice a difference after the first one. The number of treatments each person needs varies depending on the number of skin tags as well as the severity of any scars left behind due to failed removal attempts.

Another benefit of laser skin rejuvenation is the production of collagen that will leave you with fresh, flawless-looking skin. So, not only will you be eliminating skin tags, but you can take this opportunity to perfect the skin in the surrounding area. If you’re looking to have skin tags near your underarms removed, you can also ask your licensed medical laser technician to target any skin discoloration you might have in your armpit.

Don’t let your skin tags frustrate you any longer! Skip any removal or treatment options that might leave you scarred and schedule an appointment for your laser skin rejuvenation consultation at a laser clinic near you now. It’s the only treatment option that will remove skin tags and leave the skin flawless upon completion.

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Paul A. Boulos
Dr. Paul A. Boulos is an excellent and versatile cosmetic surgeon, passionate about his vocation and helping others. Dr. Boulos is an alumni of Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his General Surgery training at Inspira Medical in Southern New Jersey. He studied and learn under Dr. Joseph Castellano, one of the premier breast and body Cosmetic Surgeons in South Florida. He currently works as a Cosmetic Surgeon at Jolie Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL.