Questions To Ask Your Laser Skin Rejuvenation Specialists

Now that you’ve booked your laser skin rejuvenation consultation, you likely have a few questions for your laser specialist. You’ll certainly want to ask about any specific issues you have on your mind, but there are also a few important questions that you might not think to ask. These inquests are designed to make sure you’re receiving the best possible service for your desired results and that your first laser skin rejuvenation treatment is being performed by a qualified professional. Since you might be too excited about your first treatment to come up with a complete list of questions, we’ve done the work for you!

What Kind of Training and Licensing Do Laser Technicians Need?

Currently, there are no standard requirements for hiring laser technicians. This means that the technicians at each laser clinic can have different qualifications, some who might not be holding any more than a laser certificate. Ideally, you want the person performing your laser skin rejuvenation treatments to hold a medical degree such as a physician assistant or a registered nurse. This ensures that they’re able to properly analyze your skin type, and is especially important for those who have unique skin conditions.

You also want your technician to hold two training certifications, one general certificate that demonstrates they know how to perform laser skin rejuvenation and a second one specifically from a training program designed by the manufacturer of the laser they’re using. It’s one thing to know how to perform laser treatments in general and another thing to know how to use the laser in your hand.

Are All Employees Who Handle Lasers Qualified?

It’s one thing if the person you have your consultation with is a qualified laser technician, but you’ll want to make sure that standards are uniform across the board. This will also ensure that the services you receive are the same quality each time you have a laser skin rejuvenation treatment scheduled. There will be no surprises, and you’ll be more likely to see the same results after each laser session.

What Kind of Laser is Used?

As there is no standard for the qualifications laser technicians must have, there is also no standard for what kind of laser they use. Not all lasers are one and the same, as there are specific ones used for different procedures such as hair and tattoo removal. You’ll want to make sure the laser you’re being treated with is one specifically designed for the task. While you’re at it, make sure that the latest technology is being used as well.

Right now, the PicoWay Resolve laser is the most advanced device used for laser skin rejuvenation treatments. The dual-wavelength fractional laser is able to treat imperfections both on the skin’s surface as well as within the deepest layers of the skin. It is one of the only lasers that can get the job done with minimal or no side effects. Speaking of which…

What Kind of Side Effects Should I Expect?

While a general idea of what side effects you might experience can be found online, a laser technician should be able to give you a more accurate prediction after taking a look at your skin. Even though most people only experience slight redness and stinging for an hour or so after their treatment, others can experience acne breakouts, a mild burning sensation, or skin discoloration. During your consultation, your licensed medical laser technician will be able to determine if your skin is a candidate for laser rejuvenation, or if it’s more likely to experience these side effects.

Do Any Medications Affect Treatment Results?

It’s essential that you inform your laser technician about what prescriptions you’re taking, regardless of whether or not you’re taking them temporarily or not. Both oral medications and topical creams can make the skin more sensitive to the laser, so it’s essential that you’re completely honest with your medical history. Additionally, be sure to mention it if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction or experienced side effects after using certain lotions, makeup, or other beauty products.

Is the Laser Ablative or Nonablative?

Receiving laser skin rejuvenation treatments with the wrong kind of laser can leave you with weeks of required downtime. Ablative lasers were the original devices used for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. Considered an invasive procedure, ablative lasers were the original devices used for this kind of procedure. Since then, however, technology has advanced, and now nonablative lasers are taking over the market. These devices are able to eliminate wrinkles and scars deep within the layers of the skin without damaging the skin’s surface. This means you can head right back to work and people won’t notice you’ve had anything done. Both forms of lasers are still used in the industry so it’s important that you make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Some other common questions you might want to ask are about how many treatments you will need to get the results you’re looking for and how much each laser session costs. Laser clinics often offer package deals that make laser skin rejuvenation more affordable, and some even go as far as to guarantee their results.

For more information about what laser specialists can do to improve the look of your skin, check out this video:

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