What to Expect at Laser Hair Removal Appointments

Many of our patients are nervous before their first Miami laser hair removal appointment. We completely understand their concern, and we want to help to alleviate any worries you may have about what you can expect from your laser hair removal appointment.


During your initial consultation, we will have you fill out some paperwork to help us to understand your medical history and whether or not you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. At each appointment after that consultation, one of our technicians will ask you a series of questions to update your paperwork and ensure that you are a good candidate for treatment on that particular day.

Typically, they will ask you to update the medications you are taking and ask if you have used certain skin care products within a given amount of time before the appointment. Some medications and products can make the skin sensitive, and we would need to postpone and reschedule your session for your safety if you have used these.

Initial Skin Preparation

It may seem counter-intuitive, but before your body hair removal session, you will need to have the hair in the area shaved. You can do this yourself if you like, or you can have a friend or loved one take care of it for you. Body Details True Laser specialists are not permitted to shave patients, so please arrive hair free unless otherwise requested by your technician.Your skin will also need to be clean before the procedure, make up removed and or lotion rinsed off. We may trace the area for hair removal with a white makeup pencil as a guide.


Your South Florida laser hair removal specialist will start the session by performing a test pulse of the laser on your skin. This lets you know what the procedure will feel like. The sensation differs from patient to patient and often differs based on the location of the removal. Some patients swear they feel almost nothing, while others say it feels like a rubber band being snapped against their skin. While the procedure is taking place, the laser will blow cool air onto the area being treated.


After your treatment session at one of our laser cosmetic centers, your laser hair removal technician will discuss what results you can expect and how your skin may react. You will need to carefully follow our after-care instructions to encourage your skin to be ready for your next session. We will apply aloe and sunscreen to the area before you leave. If you’re considering laser treatment, schedule your free consultation for laser hair removal today and our team will answer all of your questions.

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