The Science Behind Laser Hair Removal

If you have been wondering about laser hair removal for a while and would like to know more about the process, we’re here to help. This cutting-edge scientific process can provide you with the smooth, hair-free skin you have always dreamed of, but you should make sure you understand how it works first so that you’re fully informed.

Below are several of the most common questions about the scientific basis of laser hair removal, along with their answers. And of course, if you want to know more, you can always schedule a free consultation. Our laser experts answer all questions about laser hair removal and what to expect during your laser treatment.

What Is the Process Like?

Personal laser hair removal is a simple process that uses a concentrated beam of light aimed at your skin. The light is actually targeting the hair follicle beneath the surface and eliminates hair growth at the root. Each treatment is able to effectively eliminate the portion of the hair that was growing at the time of treatment. Because only actively growing hairs are affected, multiple treatments are required to catch all of your hair while it is in the growth phase. Depending on how large the area is, a treatment may take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour.

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal works by zapping the hair follicle, which is basically the root of the hair. Your skin absorbs the laser’s heat, but the follicle cannot withstand it, damaging it and preventing it from regrowing anytime soon. On the vast majority of hair, the effect is permanent. Vellus hairs or peach fuzz, white, and light blonde hair is unaffected by current laser technology and may not be permanently removed.

Why Do I Have to Get More Than One Treatment?

Your hair doesn’t grow all at the same time. When you get laser hair removal, the laser targets the hair that is actively growing. After the treatment, new hair grows in that must then be treated as well. Most people need between five and ten rounds of treatment to completely remove hair. Touch-up sessions should not be required when treating with True Laser®.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Whether or not laser hair removal is painful for you depends on how sensitive you are. For some people, the process feels like nothing more than a light pinch. For others, it can feel like a rubber band snapping sensation on your skin. Either way, most people find the discomfort quite bearable.

As one of the best laser and skin care centers around, we’re always ready to answer your questions and help you understand the simple process of laser hair removal. If you’re wondering about cost or anything else, feel free to call 866-708-8645 to schedule your free consultation. All of our services are available to both men and women, and we’re happy to help you get started today.

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