Quick Tips to Reveal Your Sexy Body

laser hair removalSummer is rapidly approaching, so we’re all looking for those quick tricks that will improve our body and our self-confidence.

Hitting the gym and dieting take time. More time than most of us would like. But these quick tips can be done in just minutes, so take a break from lifting weights and try one to help reveal your beach-sexy physique.

Get a Tan or Fake It

Have you ever noticed that your summer glow makes you look…well, hotter? There’s a reason for that. Darker skin accentuates and defines muscles, making you look more toned and thinner. Applying an at home self-tanner or taking a quick trip to your local tanning salon will do the trick, so you’ll be ready to hit the beach in your swimsuit in minutes!

Contour Your Abs

You probably didn’t realize that drawing abs is now a thing, but celebrities and models do it all the time. You may think they’re hitting the gym 24/7, but a lot of those muscles are achieved with great lighting and contour makeup. That’s right, you can use a contour stick to define those abs. A waterproof contouring makeup stick slightly darker than your skin tone works best for a trip to the beach. Just be sure not to apply it too heavy and to blend it well. A quick tip for the ladies: this works great for a cleavage boost as well.

Snap a Morning Selfie

Are you the king or queen of selfies? Do you want your Instagram followers to see you at your best? Then take your pictures after you wake up. After lying down all night, your stomach is at its flattest. Throughout the day, gravity and food intake change that slightly and make you appear more bloated. A morning selfie by the pool before you have your first meal is the best way to show your followers the best version of yourself.

Try a Body Cleanse

This might take more than a few minutes, but it’s certainly a quick route to a sexy body. A liquid cleanse isn’t necessary. Just stick to fresh fruit and water for a few days, and you’ll start to feel like a whole new person. If you’d like to try a liquid diet, research the best cleanses for your desired results and you could have a complete body transformation in as quickly as a few days.

Laser Hair Removal

Similar to tanning, laser hair removal is a great way to give your body a more defined appearance. Men who suffer from thick chest and back hair may not realize that all that hair is covering up their sexy body! Removing the hair completely or lightening the load a bit will reveal your abs and back muscles, giving you a beach-ready body in no time. The best part is that some treatment areas can take just a few minutes, so they won’t take away from your time in the sun. Find hair removal near you in seconds!

If you’re ready to start working on your sexy bod now, check out Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal. We are the only laser clinic that provides a laser hair removal lifetime guarantee to all of our laser hair removal clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. With convenient night and weekend hours, it has never been easier to make an appointment. Our team of experts are ready to answer your questions regarding laser hair removal and what to expect! Schedule a free consultation today by calling 866-708-8645 or submitting the form on this page.

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