Most Common Reasons for Tattoo Removal

Without modern Pico tattoo removal technologies, millions of people everywhere would be forced to wear unwanted ink on their skin. Regret and embarrassment are not the only reasons to seek the removal of body ink, however. Oftentimes a person’s skin will interact negatively with the ingredients used in the dye.

Whatever the reason you want your tattoo removed may be, know that Body Details has years of Miami tattoo removal experience. Stop by for a free consultation when you are ready to oust your ink. Listed below are the most common reasons our customers have for needing to get rid of their tattoos.

Reasons Why People Want Their Tattoo Removed

Believe it or not, allergic reactions to ink, or rather the chemicals contained in the ink, account for a large percentage of our tattoo removal business. Sulfide, mercury, manganese and aluminum are just some of the ingredients found in modern ink, and unfortunately these substances do not always mix well with a person’s skin. In these cases, health risks warrant the need for tattoo removal. Your doctor will likely recommend that you have your tattoo removed as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Our cosmetic skin and laser centers have helped many people get rid of unwanted tattoos.

Tattoo modifications are not always easily performed. Additions and design alterations can be complicated and sometimes require the removal of a particular tattoo altogether to make room for the new image. Laser tattoo removal works far better than covers-ups or custom imaging (creating a new tattoo out of existing ink) since it basically lets the artist work with a blank slate.

Ink regret is also a common reason for wanting a tattoo removed. Everyone is guilty of making poor decisions, especially during the years of one’s youth. Though getting a tattoo was an appealing idea when you were younger, you started to regret the decision you made as you got older.

If you have made the decision to have your tattoo removed, do yourself a big favor and talk to one of the specialists at Body Details. Laser removal is a delicate process that necessitates top-notch experience and equipment, and this is precisely what you will get when using our laser tattoo removal services.

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