Should Men Consider Laser Skin Tightening?

Like women, men can also be uncomfortable in their own skin when they start to show signs of aging. Even though many anti-aging products are produced and advertised with women in mind, men often seek out solutions as well.

Regardless of gender, collagen production will drastically slow down once we reach our thirties. Eventually, collagen production stops altogether, and this means fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, reduced skin elasticity, and other signs of aging will begin to pop up.

When researching solutions to these signs of aging, you will likely come across laser skin tightening. You may be wondering if this is a suitable treatment for men’s skin, and in short, the answer is yes. Laser skin tightening has the same effect on men’s skin as it does on women’s. Here are some other reasons to consider laser treatments.

Results Are Natural

For some men looking into anti-aging treatments, natural results are a key factor. Other options, such as facelifts, can leave the skin looking waxy and overstretched. Since laser skin tightening treatments are able to achieve results by encouraging collagen production, the results are completely natural. The increase in collagen will help improve skin elasticity, reduce signs of wrinkles, and leave you with a smoother complexion without the risk of a plastic look.

It Won’t Affect Your Facial Hair

Some men fear that having laser treatments done to improve their skin will somehow affect their facial hair, but that’s not the case. While lasers are used for both skin tightening and hair removal treatments, the procedures are quite different. First and foremost, they use different lasers. These lasers each emit different wavelengths and target different areas in order to achieve results. While laser hair removal treatments use light to target the pigment in hair follicles, laser skin tightening treatments use heat to encourage an increase in collagen production. As long as your laser professional is using the proper equipment, you will experience no change in how your facial hair grows.

Results are Immediate

While there are plenty of creams, masks, and serums on the market promising to eliminate your crow’s feet, often it takes months of daily use before any significant results occur. That is, if results occur at all. After your first laser skin tightening treatment, you will notice a difference right away. You’ll likely require several laser sessions to achieve the results you’re looking for, but you’ll notice fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, and an overall smoother skin surface after just one treatment.

No Downtime Needed

Laser skin tightening is performed with nonablative fractional lasers, which can target the deeper layers of the skin without causing visible damage to the skin’s surface. Instead, microscopic wounds are created to encourage collagen production and to eliminate damaged skin cells, leaving you with little or no side effects. Depending on your skin sensitivity, you might experience slight irritation and swelling, both of which will fade quickly. Unlike more severe procedures, you can have your laser treatments done in the morning and still head to work that day.

It’s Fast

Depending on what area of the body you’re having treated, laser skin tightening is done rather quickly. Someone receiving laser treatments to their face, for example, will be done in an average of 20 minutes. Not only is there no need to take time off from work, but you can literally schedule your appointments during your lunch break.

It’s Less Expensive Than Plastic Surgery

The only other way to achieve these kinds of results so quickly is to go under the knife, which we all know is a costly decision. A facelift can cost up to $10,000 and comes with several risks to your health as well as the natural appearance of the end results. Though ablative lasers can be used to perform skin tightening, they’re considered an invasive procedure and require several weeks of downtime. That’s several weeks needed off from work, away from the gym, and likely out of the public eye as the skin will appear raw and blistered. Laser skin tightening is performed in several treatments, breaking up the already reduced price significantly. Additionally, most laser clinics offer package deals that will reduce the price of each treatment when multiple treatments are purchased at the same time.

Men are not only considering laser skin tightening, but many are loving the results they’re getting after laser hair removal treatments as well. Laser sessions can be used to thin out areas where body hair has gotten too thick to manage, while also reducing irritation and ingrown hairs. If you still have your doubts, check out this video where these guys explain what they love about laser hair removal:

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Paul A. Boulos
Dr. Paul A. Boulos is an excellent and versatile cosmetic surgeon, passionate about his vocation and helping others. Dr. Boulos is an alumni of Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his General Surgery training at Inspira Medical in Southern New Jersey. He studied and learn under Dr. Joseph Castellano, one of the premier breast and body Cosmetic Surgeons in South Florida. He currently works as a Cosmetic Surgeon at Jolie Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL.