Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

It seems when you tell someone that you’re having a tattoo removed, you’ll also start hearing several “facts” that everyone “just knows” to be true about tattoo removal. How do you tell truth from fiction? Read below to find out how to separate the facts from the myths about tattoo removal and permanent makeup removal.

Myth: You’re Stuck with Black

Laser light needs to be absorbed by the different colors in your tattoo in order for the colors to break down and eventually fade away. Since black absorbs all color wavelengths, it is actually the easiest tattoo color to remove. Lighter colors are tougher to remove because they absorb a very limited range of laser light.

Myth: Treatments Take a Long Time

It’s true that it will take several sessions to completely remove your tattoo, but each session does not actually take a lot of time. Depending on the area that needs to be treated, each session only takes a few to several minutes of your time. An expert technician will simply use the laser (a small, pen-like instrument) to give your tattoo a thorough pass and send you on your merry way in a matter of minutes.

Myth: Your Tattoo Is Burned Off by the Laser

The laser delivers laser light pulses to the tattooed area and shatters the ink, causing it to fade completely over time. The laser only targets the ink in your tattoo. The surrounding skin and underlying tissue are not harmed at all. You will not experience any burning sensation nor smell the odor of burning flesh!

Myth: You Have To Go for Weekly Treatments

Unfortunately, this is simply not possible. It will take your body several weeks to completely flush away the ink that has been broken down by the laser. You have to be patient and wait about six to eight weeks in between sessions. In the meantime, you will begin to notice your tattoo getting lighter and lighter as the ink is absorbed into your body and away from the skin.

Myth: You Have to Get Rid of the Entire Tattoo

Modern lasers are amazingly accurate devices that can target only specific areas of your tattoo for removal and not others. So if you want to hold on parts of your tattoo but are definitely ready to let go of others, know that you can pick and choose without a problem.

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