Get The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment – Know Your Options

In order to avoid the risk of side effects or negative consequences, it’s essential that your hyperpigmentation treatment be the best. Laser skin treatment is one of the best remedies for hyperpigmentation and Body Details True Laser® Centers performs this procedure. Finding the ideal treatment is an important decision and you’ll want to consider the time, cost, and possibility of success. Here is some information about hyperpigmentation we are sure you will find helpful.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin caused by excess melanin. Hyperpigmentation can be brought on by acne scars or hormonal imbalances and can cause unsightly blotches. The excess melanin develops in the two outer layers of skin: the epidermis and dermis. Melanin is the substance responsible for the color of your skin, and excess melanin in certain areas results in unnecessary skin coloration, also known as hyperpigmentation. There are multiple treatment options for this condition, but some of these procedures vary in effectiveness. Laser hyperpigmentation treatment is by far the most effective treatment and it has little or no side effects.

What Are The Treatment Options?

There are a variety of alternative treatments for hyperpigmentation, some more effective than others. Here we have outlined a few of them for you.

1. Chemical Peels

A chemical peel can be used to treat hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels work by removing the top few layers of skin on your body, thereby allowing it to regenerate. The regenerated skin has more even pigmentation. It removes the layer of skin with the hyperpigmentation and enables the skin to regenerate with normal coloration. Stronger chemical peels need to be applied by a dermatologist, and all chemical peels carry with them the risk of skin irritation and redness. Chemical peels are generally very effective at treating hyperpigmentation, but they hold the risk of unwanted side effects, such as skin irritation. Also, keep in mind that those with dark skin are more prone to the side effects of chemical peels, which include excessive redness, irritation, and sun sensitivity. Chemical peels are a relatively accessible treatment for hyperpigmentation.

2. Acids

A variety of acids are used to treat hyperpigmentation, the most common of which is tranexamic acid and salicylic acid. These acids work on hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin production on the skin’s surface. Tranexamic acid works explicitly by inhibiting melanin production in the dermis, reducing the amount of pigmentation that appears on the epidermis. Salicylic acid works by exfoliating the skin. Salicylic acid breaks up the bonds between dead surface skin cells. This causes the skin cells to slough off, thereby removing the hyperpigmented skin cells and reducing overall hyperpigmentation. However, acids can be harsh and burn or otherwise discolor the skin as a side effect. Redness and irritation are common side effects of using acids on the face for hyperpigmentation treatment. However, if you can avoid the side effects, acids make a good treatment for hyperpigmentation. They simply dissolve the excess melanin in your epidermis (the outer layer of skin), thereby cleaning out the hyperpigmentation in that particular area.

3. Hyperpigmentation Products

Next, there are a variety of creams marketed for treating hyperpigmentation in individuals outside of a medical context. Most of these creams simply don’t work very much at all. Although some are, in fact, formulated with potent ingredients. So, if you’ve managed to sift through all the frauds and find a product that isn’t just filled with moisturizers and fillers and which actually works, these creams work by supporting cell turnover and reducing melanin production. This essentially means that the various creams and over-the-counter treatments for hyperpigmentation help the body in getting rid of its existing skin cells and replacing them with normal melanin cells. If this sounds like a slow process, that is because it is. Effective treatment with these hyperpigmentation products can take months to show results, as opposed to the much quicker time with laser treatment by Body Details. Over-the-counter hyperpigmentation products are the least effective available treatment for hyperpigmentation.

4. Microdermabrasion/Dermabrasion

This dermatologist performed procedure consists of your doctor using a tool to scrape off the epidermis and top part of the dermis of your skin, thereby removing the hyperpigmented skin and allowing healthy, properly colored skin to regenerate in its place. This procedure must be performed in a doctor’s office, and microdermabrasion is only effective for hyperpigmentation that affects just the epidermis. For these reasons, this is a somewhat limited treatment option, though it can be effective. A potential side effect of dermabrasion is actually more hyperpigmentation, particularly in people with medium skin tones. Other side effects include skin irritation and redness. However, this treatment can show results exceptionally quickly for the right candidates.

5. Retinoids

This treatment works by reducing epidermal melanin by blocking the transcription of tyrosinase, inducing skin peeling, dispersing keratinocyte pigment particles, and increasing cell turnover and regeneration. Put in plain English, this means that retinoids reduce melanin in the skin, cause the skin to peel, and cause the body to replace the skin with new skin. This is not a first-line treatment for hyperpigmentation and is, in fact, much more commonly used to treat wrinkles. However, you can still use this method of treatment if you want. It takes several months of treatment with retinoids to see results. There are not really any potential side effects from retinoids, so that is helpful. This treatment method works well as a first try treatment, as it is very low risk and works gradually. However, if this method does not work for you, you should seriously consider True Laser® hyperpigmentation treatment by Body Details.

Why Laser Treatment Is The Best Option

The best treatment for hyperpigmentation, bar none, is laser treatment. The True Laser® specialists at Body Details will use the PicoWay Resolve medical laser in order to break up excess melanin gathered in your skin and improve your hyperpigmentation. Laser hyperpigmentation treatment has virtually no side effects, and the treatment only takes minutes. Improve the quality of your skin in minutes with Body Details, and get rid of that unsightly hyperpigmentation that has been bothering you.

Improve your confidence and mental well-being by treating your hyperpigmentation. The intense laser light emitted will physically break down some of the excess melanin contained in the epidermis and dermis, thereby removing the extra coloration without any adverse effects. This treatment only takes a short amount of time to take effect, and there is no downtime with this procedure. In fact, Body Details’ laser treatment is so quick and efficient that you could get it done on your lunch break from work. Try laser hyperpigmentation treatment for the most effective and convenient treatment for your hyperpigmentation. Schedule your free consultation with Body Details today!

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