Top 7 Most Embarrassing Laser Hair Removal Questions

Let’s face it. Hair removal can be an awkward topic of conversation, especially with someone you’ve just met.

If you’re nervous about inquiring about any awkward or embarrassing areas that might suffer from excessive hair, don’t be! Laser technicians are medical professionals who have likely seen and heard it all. As silly or embarrassing as your question might be, not only will your technician have answers for you—they’ve probably heard the question dozens of times. Don’t be shy! Next time you are curious about laser hair removal near you, consider Body Details!

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However, if you’re too nervous to speak to your medical laser technician in person, here are answers to some of the most embarrassing laser hair removal questions:

Will laser hair removal get rid of my acne?

There are several causes of acne, the most common being excessive bacteria transferred from your hands or clothes, a hormone imbalance, and ingrown hairs. Often seen as a foreign object, ingrown hairs will cause the skin to react in a similar way as it does to bacteria. It can even be worse since the blemish will continue to grow until the hair makes its way to the skin’s surface. So, yes, laser hair removal will help to reduce your acne if it’s caused by excessive ingrown hairs. People usually experience this kind of acne around the eyebrows, the chin line, the upper lip, the bikini line, and the chest and back and find that these blemishes are extremely irritating and difficult to manage. If your acne is caused by ingrown hairs, laser hair removal is the only solution that ensures hair won’t grow back in a treated area.

When getting a bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal, am I fully naked from the waist down?

Depending on what area you’re having treated, it’s likely that you won’t be able to wear your underwear throughout your session. Think of it like a visit to the gynecologist, except it’s far less invasive. Whether you’re getting your bikini area treated or a full Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, your medical laser technician will provide you with a towel in order to cover areas that aren’t being treated. The entire process hardly takes more than a few minutes, so clients rarely feel overly exposed. For feeling more comfortable during your treatment sessions, request the same technician for each visit. This way you’ll get to know them a bit. Additionally, you can bring something to distract you like an iPod or a book, or simply pass the time with conversation. Over time, you will feel more at ease.

Does Brazilian laser hair removal include my anal region?

Yes, that is, if that’s what you want. Brazilian laser hair removal allows you to remove more hair than you would in treating just the bikini line, but that doesn’t mean you have to opt to remove everything. Many women choose to keep a landing strip or a little patch of hair in the area but like having hair removed from the perianal area. That decision is completely up to you. Be aware of what numbing agents your medical laser technician offers, as this is a sensitive area, and you might be required to bring your own. It’s always best to be prepared before your laser hair removal treatments.

Will facial hair laser removal get rid of my stubble?

While men seek out facial laser hair removal to reduce blemishes and irritation, women often seek it out to get rid of embarrassing stubble. Many women have excessive but light facial hair, making female facial hair one of the most unpredictable areas to treat. Results depend on the color and thickness of your hair as well as the color of your skin, so it’s best to consult a laser hair removal technician for a more accurate determination of what you can expect after sessions. All effective treatments, however, will lead to the elimination of stubble and give you soft, smooth skin.

I have excessive nose/ear hair. Can this be removed using laser hair removal?

Yes! Don’t waste your time with trimming when you can permanently get rid of these hairs or significantly thin them out. This kind of laser procedure requires precision, and it’s recommended that you find a medical laser technician with a lot of experience before having this done. These hairs are in your nose and ears for a reason, and nose hairs especially help to filter out toxins so that they don’t enter the lungs. Consult your technician to find out what option is best for you!

Can I have the hair removed from my feet and knuckles?

Similar to facial hair, the level of success for removal of the hair on your hands and feet depends on the color and thickness of your hair and skin. Lighter hair can be more challenging, but if the hair in these areas stands out enough for you to seek permanent removal, you’ll likely be a candidate. Women may find it embarrassing to ask if this option is available, as it’s rarely mentioned on websites and ads for laser clinics. Having treatments done in this area may be less popular than others, but it’s still a common embarrassing problem faced by most women and even some men.

Do women get laser hair removal done on their back?

Women might not like to admit it, but genes aren’t always forgiving in regards to where body hair grows. Those who have naturally darker hair will find that the dark hair grows almost everywhere, and that includes the back—certainly not an appealing look. Laser hair removal on the back is a popular request for first timers walking into laser clinics, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. More women suffer from excessive back and chest hair than you’d think!

If you have any further embarrassing questions, check out this video on how laser hair removal works. The video will give you an inside look on what you should expect:

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