Flawless Makeup Foundation Applied 5 Ways

hair removalFlawless makeup can be as simple as good skin care and proper makeup application, but knowing a few tricks doesn’t hurt.

Whether you typically experience dry, flaky skin or excessively oily skin, these tips will produce a better surface for applying your foundation.

Exfoliate your skin

The best way to clean your pores and rid your face of dead skin cells is to exfoliate with a washcloth or gentle scrub face wash. Doing this several times a week when you experience dry skin will give your face a fresh, even surface for your makeup to rest on. However, doing this too often or if you use an exfoliator that is too rough on your skin will end up damaging your face, creating a surface that is even more difficult for your makeup to rest on. Start off exfoliating once a week to test how your skin will react.

Moisturize your skin

Along with exfoliating, moisturizing is a necessary step for flawless foundation. Use skin type-specific lotion on a daily basis to keep skin glowing and looking healthy. Moisturizing regularly will help heal any dry or cracked skin and will allow you to exfoliate less often.

For best results, moisturize prior to putting on your foundation. Let the lotion sit for 10 minutes to allow time for your skin to absorb it before you apply makeup. This will prepare your skin to better absorb your foundation. Primer can also be used, and many women like how it makes their pores appear smaller. It’s not recommended to use both however, since this will create a thick, caked-on look.

Use the Right Application Tools

Applying foundation with your hand is a thing of the past. Not only does it create a messy, uneven base for your makeup, you also wind up spreading thousands of bacteria germs across your pores. Invest in a good brush or blending tool that will evenly apply your foundation. There are many tools out there, and each is designed to achieve a different look. Doing some research will help ensure that you find a tool best suited for your skin type and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Color Correct Skin Tones

There are so many primers on the market that it can seem overwhelming to choose the best one for your skin type. While pore-refining and moisturizing primers work wonders, color correcting primers can completely change your look. Women with naturally red or purple undertones likely pack on their foundation in attempt to cover these color imperfections. Color correcting primers may look intimidating since they’re typically bright orange and green, but just a small dab on your skin will help form the perfect canvas for flawless foundation coverage.

Facial Laser Hair Removal

It’s not uncommon for women to shave, wax, and tweeze their facial hair. Not only is excess facial hair embarrassing, it also prevents skin from absorbing foundation because it sticks to the hair follicles, creating unsightly streaks of makeup. For truly flawless makeup, facial laser hair removal near you is the only hair removal method that leaves your skin looking soft and beautiful and is designed to last a lifetime.

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