Selecting a laser treatment provider is a big deal. After all, it’s your skin we’re talking about. It’s what you show the world. Before you choose a facility, there are key things to know. Who performs the treatments? How do I know that lasers are safe for my skin? Am I guaranteed results or free treatments if I still have hair? These are all valid questions, and here at Body Details, the answers are what set us apart from other competitors. We’re here to serve as your laser treatment guide, to ensure you get the best service possible and results that last.

Medical Standards

The safety of our patients is our first priority. For this reason, we staff Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) to perform each laser treatment. Many laser facilities do not have master’s degree holding medical professionals as we do here at Body Details. Each of our APRNs undergo training with the Body Details’ medical experts as well as the laser manufacturers. This ensures that each treatment you receive will be expertly performed.

Additionally, we use only medical lasers that are approved by the FDA. Other “laser” treatment facilities may use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines, which are not technically lasers at all. IPLs pose a more significant risk of damage to the skin and many are not regulated by the FDA. At our facilities you will only find true medical professionals using true medical laser devices.

Laser Calibration

Furthermore, each of our lasers are specially calibrated prior to each treatment session. We calibrate our lasers based on your skin type and sensitivity, the area of the body you are treating, as well as your hair type, scar type, or the type of ink in your tattoo.

Not all laser treatments require the same wavelength of light, and everyone’s skin responds to laser treatment differently. For this reason, we thoroughly evaluate all of these key elements to design a laser treatment plan that’s just for you.

When you seek treatment at a facility that does not use this process, you risk damaging your skin and prolonging the amount of sessions per procedure. We calibrate our lasers to ensure they only target the cells you are treating and do not cause damage to the surrounding skin. Not all laser treatment providers can say this. If you undergo treatment at a facility that does not utilize this process you risk burns, irritation, and inflammation. Let us be your laser treatment guide. We can ensure that you are in the best hands possible at Body Details.

Questions to Ask about Treatment

Our laser specialists are here to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after treatment. We see you through each step of the way. As we create custom treatment plans for each patient, each patient will have different needs throughout their laser treatment journey. We are your true laser treatment guide and seek to develop a plan with you so that you feel entirely comfortable and confident.

Questions to ask before receiving laser treatment:

  • What type of lasers do you use? Or, do you use an IPL?
  • What should I wear to my consultation and treatment sessions?
  • Are there any beauty products I should avoid before treatment?
  • Are there any activities I should avoid before treatment?
  • How do you create my laser treatment plan?
  • How many laser treatment sessions will I receive?
  • Will I ever have to pay again if I need more treatments?

At Body Details, we provide thorough answers to each of these questions. If a facility declines to answer or states that their treatments are a one-size-fits all it is a red flag.

Questions to ask during laser treatment:

  • What beauty products are okay to use while my skin is healing?
  • Are there any activities I cannot participate in?
  • What side effects, if any, should I expect?
  • How long should I wait between treatments?

When you come to us, you don’t even have to ask these things. As a true laser treatment guide for our patients, we will advise you after each session on what to do and how to care for your skin.

Questions to ask after treatment:

  • What if I’m not happy with the results?
  • What if laser treatment didn’t work on my skin?
  • Can I come back if I notice new hair after laser hair removal?
  • Are there costs associated with additional treatments if I notice new hair?

Body Details offers the exclusive Devil’s in the Details™ Guarantee* on select treatments, which can put your post-treatment worries to rest.

The Devil’s in the Details™ Guarantee*

One of the best things about Body Details is that we offer a FREE lifetime guarantee on select treatments. Our Devil’s in the Details™ Guarantee ensures that you receive all of your treatment sessions at one all-inclusive price. Even better, you get FREE touch-ups for life!

*Written terms apply