Clients in the Glenvar Heights area are serviced by our Coral Gables laser hair removal and tattoo removal facility which is conveniently located one block north walking distance from Equinox and the Shops at Merrick Park.


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Directions to Body Details laser hair removal Coral Gables facility: One block north walking distance from Equinox and the Shops at Merrick Park.

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Frequently asked questions about Body Details Glenvar Heights

How does Glenvar Heights laser hair removal work?

Lasers emit a special, targeted light. This special targeted light goes into the skin and is absorbed by the melanin that makes the color in each hair follicle. This damages the root and makes the hair fall out and regrowth becomes unlikely.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Most clients say laser hair removal is less painful than waxing, although it鈥檚 a different sensation. Think of a rubber band snapping against your skin for a quick second. Our laser uses a patented Dynamic Cooling Device to ease discomfort throughout the Glenvar Heights laser hair removal treatment session.

Can any skin or hair color be treated?

Hair and skin color can affect the treatment because it relies on infiltrating the melanin or pigment of skin. Body Details is one of the only companies that purchases multiple lasers so that we have an individual laser that is unique and optimized to your skin type. We recommend scheduling a laser hair removal Glenvar Heights free consultation so we can determine the best treatment method to get you the results you desire.

How do I prepare skin for a laser hair removal treatment?

Before you arrive for your Glenvar Heights laser hair removal treatment you should not wax or tweeze for at least six weeks as those methods remove the hair root, which is what laser hair removal targets. Shaving is the safest form of hair removal prior to and in-between laser hair removal in Glenvar Heights.

Can pregnant women get laser hair removal?

There is no risk to the child with our services during pregnancy, however, due to an overabundance of caution, we are unable to provide treatment to anyone that is currently pregnant. We would be more than happy to set up a booking for you after your pregnancy. You CAN continue to receive laser hair removal while breastfeeding. If you find out you are pregnant during treatment, simply let us know and we will suspend treatments until after delivery.

How does laser skin rejuvenation work?

Using a laser that emits two different wavelengths, our licensed medical laser technicians are able to change the setting depending on what skin imperfections are being treated. The PicoWay Resolve can deliver 532nm wavelengths to treat skin issues near the surface as well as 1064nm wavelengths to treat problem areas deep within the layers of the skin. As a fractional laser, the PicoWay Resolve treats these skin imperfections without causing damage to the skin鈥檚 surface, which is why there is little to no down time after each laser session.

The lasers encourage the growth of collagen by causing microscopic amounts of damage to the skin. Healthy skin in the area then heals the damaged skin, resulting in the elimination of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, acne marks, scars, freckles, and much more.

What happens during and after laser tattoo removal treatments?

During your first laser tattoo removal session, a licensed medical laser technician will analyze your unwanted ink and your skin type. After you鈥檝e been given an idea of how many sessions will be required, we will prep your skin for your first laser treatment. Depending on the tattoo鈥檚 location, we may need to shave the area.

Next, we鈥檒l apply a cryogenic skin cooling system to the skin to keep the area numb. Most people compare the sensation of laser tattoo removal to the snapping of a rubber band or getting the tattoo in the first place. Afterwards, the area might be red and slightly swollen, and it usually feels like a sunburn. This fades significantly in several hours and will return to normal in just a day or two.

For laser hair removal, tattoo removal, or skin rejuvenation in Glenvar Heights call Body Details at (305) 442-7525 to set up a free consultation.

Client Reviews

This was my first time doing laser hair removal and the experience couldn鈥檛 have gone better!! From beginning to end everyone treated me amazingly. At the welcome desk, the ladies were super friendly and the specialist Ileana was incredible! She was explaining everything throughout the process, and always asking how I was feeling! Truly loved coming here, and will definitely recommend this place!! See you soon! 馃槉

Rating: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽 5/5 stars