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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Services Offered at Body Details Miami

Skin issues can plague your confidence. Whether you have acne scarring, discoloration, redness, fine lines, wrinkles, blood vessels, or any number of other nagging conditions, sometimes it can feel tough to be comfortable in our own skin.

Fortunately, there’s a state-of-the-art solution: laser skin rejuvenation in Miami. Using advanced devices put in the hands of trained, certified medical experts, you can achieve the skin beautification results you’ve struggled to find for years. 

Body Details employes the latest True Laser technology, allowing your procedure to be adjusted according to your goals and natural skin type. There’s minimal downtime, and appointments frequently last under an hour.

Just imagine walking around in younger, smoother, healthier-looking skin. We can make that a reality for you. Find out how during a free consultation with one of our Miami laser skin rejuvenation specialists. Schedule your free evaluation appointment now by calling (305) 424-9069 or by visiting our Miami location on 45 NE 36th Street, just across from the Shops at Midtown Miami.

Your skin beautification goals can be met using True Laser technology. Our licensed, trained technicians perform a wide variety of procedures for laser skin rejuvenation in Miami. 

Some of the skin conditions we treat at Body Details include:

  • Acne scars: Get rid of embarrassing and distracting acne scars on any area of your body. The PicoWave laser devices we use can be adjusted to treat deeply embedded scar tissue or surface area deformations. Procedures can also remove redness, discoloration, and pock marks caused by acne.
  • Lines and wrinkles: More effective than a scrub and safer than a chemical peel, laser skin rejuvenation treatments tighten the skin down into its deep layers, restoring the structural collagen underneath. It can also remove unevenness, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, redness, scarring and more.
  • Older-looking skin: Restore the beauty of your face and take years off its appearance using highly effective, efficient laser skin treatments in Miami that have minimal downtime. Our non-ablative lasers dramatically reduce side effects and reduce discomfort.
  • Redness and discoloration: Laser skin rejuvenation removes old, dead skin cells near the surface to reveal younger, smoother skin underneath. Depending on your skin type and goals, you could attain dramatic results after just one appointment and get on with your busy schedule.
  • Loose skin: Skin tightening procedures at Body Details utilize the fractional laser of PicoWay Revolve devices, allowing us to target skin layers far below the surface. This technique ensures that there is a minimal effect on non-targeted tissues, promoting faster healing. The results speak for themselves: gorgeous, glowing, youthful skin.

How it Works

Laser skin resurfacing uses highly advanced and specialized medical laser devices to remove dead skin cells at the surface and even the growth of skin cells below. Targeting skin cells deep below the surface tissue allows your skin to grow back smoother, tighter, and with a more even pigmentation.

Body Details’ trained Miami laser skin rejuvenation specialists can adjust the wavelength of your treatment as well as the pulse frequency to maximize results and your own personal comfort. We utilize cooling devices to numb the skin and reduce any pain you might feel during your procedure.

Our non-ablative lasers ensure that you won’t experience scabbing, rashes, scaliness, or other skin conditions that can come from more destructive lasers. You’ll be able to get in get out from your appointment in as little as 20-30 minutes in some cases. For larger treatment areas, like the full face, your procedure can take an hour or two, and you may benefit from the injection of local anesthesia or intravenous sedatives to maximize your comfort. 

Why Choose Body Details

Body Details’ Miami laser skin rejuvenation clinic upholds two core values: doing everything we can to offer a pleasant experience to our guests, and maximizing results using the latest technology in the hands of trained professionals.

We are the only clinic offering laser skin rejuvenation in Miami with True Laser® technology. This state-of-the-art system is customized to fit the needs, goals, and personal biology of each client. Our laser skin technicians strive to target your most bothersome skin conditions and leave you feeling more beautiful and supple than ever before.

The PicoWave lasers we utilize are gentle and non-ablative, meaning they do not cause the type of major surface layer destruction that necessitates extended recovery time. These lasers are also fractional, allowing us to target problem areas with precision while minimizing disturbance of surrounding tissue.

All of our technicians are Masters-degree equipped Physicians Assistants (PAs) or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs). They are certified and supervised by our physician-driven team of Medical Directors, and they have received training direct from the manufacturers of the laser devices we use.

Body Details aims to help your skin look its absolute best while reducing side effects, discomfort, and downtime as much as possible. That is our pledge to our clients, and we are exceeding their highest expectations every day.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation FAQs

Will I experience any side effects, like scarring or redness, after my treatments?

The non-ablative lasers we use have a minimal risk of side effects overall. Some clients may develop a temporary acne breakout in the treated area as the affected skin heals. Keeping treated areas clean and sanitized can reduce this risk. Clients with a known history of breakouts or skin conditions may be at a higher risk of these side effects, so it is vital to discuss your medical history so your procedure can be adjusted to maximize your health and safety.

There is no risk of scarring after your appointment. PicoWave lasers actually treat and remove scars!

How many laser skin rejuvenation treatments do I need to see results?

Laser skin rejuvenation in Miami can achieve dramatic results after just one appointment, but these results are not necessarily typical. Depending on the nature of your treated condition or the size of the area you want to treat, you may require a few follow-up appointments to ensure effects are evenly distributed and that they last. Results vary according to your personal biology and goals, so discuss your intentions openly with your laser skin treatment specialist to get the best idea of how many appointments you may need.

What should I do to prepare for my laser skin rejuvenation sessions?

Once you have determined a treatment plan, you can prepare for your appointment by drinking plenty of water and avoiding medications or supplements. NSAIDs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, should be avoided since they can interfere with clotting for up to 10 days after your procedure. Supplements like vitamin E can also affect clotting while making your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Your specialist will recommend a number of other practices to prepare for your particular treatment in light of your unique biology and health needs.