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Directions to Body Details laser hair removal Kendall facility in south Miami: Located just north of The Palms at Town & Country just off the Florida Turnpike, off SW 88th St., left on SW 117th Avenue.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Services Offered at Body Details Kendall

Do you worry about how youthful and healthy your skin looks? Do your frown lines make you, well, frown? Do you have sun spots, blemishes, scars, wrinkles, and other skin deformities that make you feel self-conscious?

Well, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans worry about their skin’s health, beauty, and radiance, just like you. Fortunately for them, many have found relief in laser skin rejuvenation therapy.

Laser skin rejuvenation in Kendall, FL, can correct nagging skin issues safely and efficiently. After a quick outpatient appointment, your skin can look healthier, younger, and more vibrant than ever before.

Find out your potential to look better than you imagined when you speak with our laser skin rejuvenation specialists in Kendall. Book your free consultation by calling us at (789) 953-8130 or by visiting our location on 8200 SW 117th Avenue, Suite 404, right on the corner of SW 82nd Street.

Laser skin rejuvenation can treat a variety of conditions to give you fresher, tighter, younger-looking skin. These can include medical conditions resulting from acne, sun damage, scarring, age, or general exposure. We can also treat natural skin deformities that you just don’t feel confident about, such as uneven pigmentation.

Some of the skin conditions we treat at Body Details include:

  • Acne scars: Get rid of those embarrassing blemishes left behind by acne hotspots. Laser skin rejuvenation in Kendall has the potential to completely remove scars along with redness, discoloration, or skin unevenness.
  • Lines and wrinkles: Remove rough, dead skin cells while smoothing out wrinkles, and fine lines to reveal younger-looking, tighter skin underneath. This procedure can smooth the skin across a number of areas while reducing the appearance of unwanted abnormalities.
  • Older-looking skin: Look and feel younger with a full-face laser skin rejuvenation treatment. This treatment can be performed quickly and with minimal healing time, allowing you to get in and out and still make your appointments for the day.
  • Redness and discoloration: The PicoWay Revolve device we use at Body Details will improve your skin’s surface to reduce redness and signs of aging. This gentle treatment provides effective results with minimal risks of discomfort or side effects.
  • Loose skin: Treat areas of your skin that give you pause with a comprehensive laser skin rejuvenation procedure, leaving your skin feeling healthier and smoother. Our procedure penetrates deep below the surface of the skin, promoting healthy cell growth and boosting the structural strength of skin-tightening collagen.

How it Works

Kendall Laser skin rejuvenation is a remarkable procedure that uses a gentle laser to scrub away dead skin cells and constrict the compounds in cells beneath the surface. After a day or so, your old skin cells will retreat, leaving fresher, tighter, and more lustrous skin underneath.

The procedure can be performed with just a local anesthetic, although a sedative or a general anesthetic can be used for more sensitive patients or larger areas. Treatments of small areas frequently last just 30 to 45 minutes, with procedures covering large areas like the full face taking up to two hours.

Why Choose Body Details

Body Details uses True Laser® technology to safely deliver effective results across a wide variety of skin types and pigment types. We can adjust your laser’s wavelength and pulse rate to suit your skin’s thickness and your personal comfort level. 

Our PicoWay Resolve lasers are nonablative, meaning that they do not cause scabs or sores like other procedures. These lasers are also fractional, targeting problem areas without damaging nearby skin cells unnecessarily.

All staff administering laser skin rejuvenation in Kendall are Masters degree holding Physicians Assistants (PAs) or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs). They are certified and supervised by our board of medical directors and have received training direct from the laser device manufacturers.

Find out why so many people in Kendall trust us to give their skin a new look while blasting away scars, wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and other imperfections. You can expect the five-star treatment at our discrete and professional facilities.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation FAQs

What are the side effects of laser skin rejuvenation?

Older laser skin rejuvenation procedures left open wounds and severe pain, causing those who received treatment to require several days or weeks off to heal. Today, newer technology lets people have their laser skin resurfacing treatments done in a matter of minutes with little or no downtime. In fact, after your session, you can easily return to work or your normal daily routine with no issues.

The only reported side effects have been temporary acne breakouts and slight redness. There is no risk of scarring from laser skin rejuvenation, as these treatments are used to actually get rid of scars.

How many laser skin rejuvenation treatments do I need?

Laser skin rejuvenation can achieve the desired effect after just one appointment in many instances. However, a number of factors can require a person to visit multiple times, especially if the treated area is large or located deep within skin tissues. Your own biology, skin type, color, and lifestyle can affect the results, meaning that the number of follow-up appointments needed can vary from person to person.

Will my laser skin rejuvenation treatments hurt?

The effects of the laser skin rejuvenation device can cause mild discomfort and slight pain, equivalent to a pinch or the snap of a rubber band. Body Details uses PicoWay lasers that emit light energy rather than heat energy while also using an extremely high-frequency pulse wave, both of which minimize pain felt. We also employ a cryogenic device that cools the area being treated, numbing the skin and minimizing discomfort.