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Directions to Body Details laser hair removal Aventura facility in north Miami: On The North Side of Ives Dairy Road, just West of the Biscayne overpass. Parking available in front of building.

Effective Laser Skin Rejuvenation Services in Aventura with Body Details

Your skin is under constant attack. In fact, it started changing the day you were born. Sun exposure, pollution, and the aging process have all taken their toll. You are experiencing dark spots and noticing fine lines etched into your forehead. Your skin is sagging and the youthful appearance you’re enjoyed is gone. Body Details in Aventura has the answer—laser skin rejuvenation.

You can reach out to our office today at (305) 935-7001 to schedule your free consultation. You can also stop by our office and schedule in person. We are located at 2627 N.E. 203rd St. Suite 102 west of the Biscayne overpass.

Some of the skin conditions we treat at Body Details Aventura include:

  • Acne scars: Acne can leave people with pitted, uneven skin. These scars, perhaps not so affectionately nicknamed “crater scars,” can be difficult if not impossible to remedy with creams and lotions. Our acne scar removal procedure can reduce the appearance of this scarring, making your skin smoother.
  • Lines and wrinkles: If you are looking for an all-encompassing anti-aging treatment, this is it. Laser skin rejuvenation helps to stimulate collagen growth, eliminate age spots, and reduce wrinkles. The noninvasive procedure requires little-to-no downtime, so you return to your busy day as soon as possible.
  • Older-looking skin: You’ve tried facials at your local spa but aren’t getting the lasting results you’d hoped for. We use the most advanced technology to target damaged skin cells and encourage the body to replace them with healthy ones. Your experience with laser skin rejuvenation will be far superior to anything you have tried in the past.
  • Redness and discoloration: These treatments are perfect for anyone with minor signs of aging. We can help eliminate redness, fine lines and wrinkles from your skin. This noninvasive procedure can improve your skin’s texture and quality. If you are looking to reduce or eliminate age spots, acne marks, or minor scarring, this is your choice.
  • Loose skin: Human skin loses collagen as it ages. This loss of collagen means that your skin is also losing elasticity. Your jawline, neck and cheeks begin to droop in a way that is less than attractive. Our skin tightening treatment encourages your skin to produce collagen and restores elasticity.

How it Works

When you schedule a consultation with Body Details laser skin rejuvenation in Aventura, you will discuss your needs and desired outcomes with one of our expert technicians. We give you this time for conversation so you know what you can expect when your initial treatment is complete and when your course of desired laser skin rejuvenation is over. 

Our expert technicians use the PicoWay Resolve laser featuring nonablative lasers. We have chosen this device because it is the most effective, noninvasive machine on the market. Once your treatment is over, your technician will suggest ways that you can make your skin more comfortable. This may include cool or cold compresses to reduce redness. If you do feel any discomfort, you can expect it to be gone in under an hour.

The PicoWay Resolve laser removes already damaged skin cells. This encourages your body to naturally replace these cells with healthy ones. You find that your skin is firmer, tighter, and has more elasticity than it had pre-treatment. You also notice that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished and age spots are eliminated.

While you will see some results in a single treatment, your desired results will be achieved after a course of treatment. Your technician will help you schedule your appointments based on your skin type and desired look. We know that you are going to be pleased when you look in the mirror!

Why Choose Body Details

We are proud to welcome so many new clients to Body Details in Aventura on a regular basis.  People turn to us for laser skin rejuvenation for a number of reasons:

We only use the best technology in our centers. Our lasers are top-of-the-line models. We believe that this ensures you are safe and walk out of our doors with a look that meets your expectations. Our PicoWay Resolve laser won’t damage the visible layer of your skin. This means you will not see excessive peeling or red spots after treatment. Our noninvasive treatments let you get back to your life as quickly as you desire.

When you walk into Body Details, you are walking into a practice that appreciates you. We know that you are the reason we are still in business. We understand that, without you, our company would fail. This is why we promise to provide you with Gold-Star service each time. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want to exceed your expectations.

Each of the technicians on our staff is highly trained and certified. In fact, each holds a Master’s Degree as either an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARPN) or a Physician’s Assistant (PA). These are the only people, in our opinion, who should be performing procedures on the largest organ of your body—your skin.

You are treated like family when you walk through our doors. You may be treated even better than family! We are happy to have you in our center, and we will gladly speak with you about any procedure you are interested in. Come on in and find out what we can do for you.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation FAQs

What should be avoided before and after each laser skin rejuvenation treatment?

Like many beauty treatments performed by lasers, it’s always best to avoid tanning or excessive time out in the sun for two weeks before a laser skin rejuvenation session. These can make the skin more sensitive during treatment. Immediately before each laser treatment, you must remove all makeup, lotions, and any other skin products from the area.

After each treatment, it’s best to continue avoiding excessive sun exposure and to wear sunscreen daily. Many of the skin imperfections treated by laser skin resurfacing are caused by the sun and can return if you don’t take precautions.

How long do laser skin rejuvenation treatments last?

You can reasonably expect the results of your laser skin rejuvenation treatment to last for several years. With proper care, your skin will look absolutely amazing for up to five years post procedure.

You can maximize the effects of your treatments at home with just a few simple steps.  Always wear sun protection, take vitamin supplements with antioxidants, hydrate, follow a proper skincare regimen, eat a healthy diet and exercise. Your technician will give you specific aftercare tips following your treatment.

Is laser skin rejuvenation treatment painful?

We understand that one of the first things you consider with any type of treatment is the level of discomfort involved. Everyone’s tolerance is different, but our clients who have felt the most discomfort compare what they have felt to a rubber band snap. 

Our technicians have a cryogenic device that is used simultaneously with the PicoWay Resolve laser. The cold air numbs the outer layers of your skin so that your experience is more comfortable.