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Directions to Body Details laser hair removal Palm Beach Gardens facility: Next to the TBC Corporation Building, just east of 95. Take PGA east, first right on RCA Blvd., then first left On “Design Center Drive”.

Effective Laser Hair Removal in Palm Beach Gardens with Body Details

You have unwanted hair on your body. What’s the solution? You can try shaving, waxing, or even depilatory cream, but you’ll have to repeat those at-home treatments several times a week to remain hair-free. With Body Details laser hair removal in Palm Beach Gardens, your hair is removed permanently and affordably.

Book your free consultation by calling our center at (561) 694-0963. You can also book in person at 4290 Professional Center Dr., Suite 301. We are just east of 95 and are easy to find.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

We know that you may be questioning whether or not laser hair removal is right for you. You should know that this is the most permanent way to get rid of the hair on your upper lip, back, legs or other areas of your body. While you may experience some regrowth, it is easily taken care of with follow-up treatments.

Once you’ve had a few treatments, the rate of regrowth slows dramatically. When hair does come back, it is finer and quickly treated. You won’t deal with ingrown hairs or unevenness in growth.

Laser hair removal is temporarily uncomfortable, but the beautiful results last a lifetime. Side effects like redness are minimal, and your experience is much more relaxing than with other forms of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis has been used for years but can be painful and expensive. A session at Body Details makes much more sense and may be completed in under an hour.

Is laser hair removal right for you? Anyone who wants to throw away their razor and dump their wax will love laser hair removal treatments by Body Details.

How it Works

Laser hair removal may seem magical but it is actually very scientific. Our device focuses an intense beam of light onto the treatment area. That light is absorbed by the melanin in your hair, reaches the follicle, and damages the follicle’s cells. This damage is what inhibits or eliminates hair growth.

Your treatment will be unlike any other because the wavelength of the laser is adjusted for the sensitivity of the treatment area and pigment of your skin. You are closely observed during treatment and the laser can be adjusted at any time. The minimal discomfort you may experience is lessened by the application of a cooling gel.

Many people are surprised that their skin is not immediately smooth. It can take a few days for the hair to fall out. Once it does, you are stunned by the results. The area you have selected for treatment is smoother than it has been in years. Regrowth is slow and many patients experience permanent hair removal.

You will require more than one appointment to achieve maximum results. It normally takes between 6 and 12 treatments for our clients to reach a point of no regrowth. You could be hair-free for years! Imagine how free you will feel when you can slip on a skirt without shaving or wear a T-shirt without neck hair peeking over its opening.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas at Body Details Palm Beach Gardens

Our laser hair removal services in Palm Beach Gardens can be performed on just about any area of the body, except for the delicate area around the eyes. The time it takes to complete your appointment depends on the size of the area to be treated.

You experience effective hair removal on any of these commonly requested areas at our Palm Beach Gardens center:

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Bikini Line
  • Brazilian
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Nipples
  • Bikini line

About the True Laser® Technology Used at Body Details

Our expert technicians use True Laser technology to treat clients. This is the most powerful laser commercially available, rated Class IV by the FDA. Your hair removal treatment is uniquely tailored to you and safer than other methods offered.

You may desire to have the same area treated as a previous client, but your procedure is unique to you. Your technician is able to adjust the wavelength of the True Laser. The device is adjusted appropriately to your pigmentation, hair type, and treatment area.

Other hair removal clinics in Palm Beach Gardens choose to utilize intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. We believe this to be an inferior method of hair removal. IPS systems offer less room for customization and use a broader spectrum of light. This means that the treatments are less effective than those completed with the True Laser.

About Our Staff

You can feel confident knowing that you are in good hands at Body Details. Our technicians hold advanced degrees and are licensed as either Physician’s Assistants (PA) or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARPN). Our team of technicians is held to high standards and supervised by our Medical Directors. Further, each has been trained by the manufacturers of the devices used. This allows our technicians to employ best practices for your safety.

Why Choose Body Details

Body Details in Palm Beach Gardens is the best choice of laser hair removal for several reasons.

Our technicians are held to the highest standards as are the rest of our employees. The equipment we use is the best and most effective in today’s market. Our medical staff members are not only experts in delivering hair removal services, but in observing you during treatment so that adjustments can be made as necessary to minimize side effects and maximize results.

We promise to treat you and each of our clients exceptionally. Your comfort is a top priority. Additionally, we proudly offer a variety of packages put together to serve a wide array of clientele. If you aren’t happy — we aren’t happy.

You can easily find positive reviews of our Palm Beach Gardens center online. Our clients frequently recommend our center to friends and family. It is our mission to ensure the satisfaction of each person who entrusts us with their hair removal needs. We
guarantee results because the growth of our business depends on you!

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

What makes Body Details the best choice for laser hair removal in Palm Beach Gardens?

Body Details is the only True Laser® hair removal specialist in South Florida. We use the best laser hair removal and tattoo removal technology for effective, comfortable and permanent results. We are the only company to back up our services with a free lifetime guarantee. Find out more about laser hair removal.

How many laser hair removal treatments are needed?

Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing at the same time and actually go through three distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting. Palm Beach Gardens laser hair removal treatments work by disabling the hair that is principally in the active growth phase at the time of treatment. Most areas require 5-10 treatments. However, the number of treatments required for optimal long-term benefits depends on multiple factors – hair thickness, the area treated and your hair’s growth cycle. Since other hairs will enter this active growth phase at different times, additional Palm Beach Gardens laser hair removal treatments may be necessary to disable all of the hair follicles in a given area.

How active can I be after laser hair removal treatment?

Following your laser hair removal treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, you can return to your normal activities right away, but some redness may occur. The use of sunscreen is recommended on any treated areas exposed to the sun.

How does Palm Beach Gardens laser hair removal service compare to electrolysis?

By delivering light energy to hundreds of hair follicles at a time, lasers effectively treat an area in just seconds that would take over an hour with electrolysis. Electrolysis is a tedious, invasive, and painful process that involves inserting a needle into each individual hair follicle and delivering an electrical charge to them one at a time. Electrolysis often requires years of treatments at regular intervals. Palm Beach Gardens laser hair removal is simply the fastest, most effective way to remove unwanted body hair.