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Directions to Body Details laser hair removal Aventura facility in north Miami: On The North Side of Ives Dairy Road, just West of the Biscayne overpass. Parking available in front of building.

Effective Laser Hair Removal in Aventura with Body Details

Laser hair removal leaves your skin smooth and fresh on a near-permanent basis. At Body Details, we guarantee our process will get rid of your unwanted hair forever with just a few easy, affordable treatments.

If you want to learn more about laser hair removal in Aventura and if it’s right for you, call us today at (305) 935-7001, or visit our facility at 2627 N.E. 203rd St. (Ives Dairy Rd.), Suite 102 for a free consultation.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Aventura laser hair removal offers results that last. When you compare it to shaving, waxing or threading, laser hair removal greatly reduces the risk of unwanted body hair coming back. Plus, the entire procedure is virtually pain-free. You may feel something similar to a rubber band snap, but our professionals will make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

After just a few short, easy treatments, your unwanted body hair will be completely eliminated from your body. A few months after your last procedure, you may see some regrowth, but it will be light, fine, unnoticeable hair. What’s more, laser hair removal reduces the risk of uneven or ingrown hair that you often get from other hair removal procedures like shaving.

Though electrolysis has become popular recently, it can be extremely painful and can go very wrong if it’s not administered properly. With laser hair removal, side effects are minimal outside of some temporary redness and photosensitivity. A single session generally lasts under an hour, and you can go right back to work or continue on with your day.

How Laser Hair Removal in Aventura Works

When you visit us for your consultation, we’ll review your skin pigmentation, hair color, and hair type. From there, we’ll determine the best treatment options. The ideal candidate has light skin and dark hair, but with our laser technology, we can laser away virtually any unwanted hair, regardless of skin and hair color.

Our lasers use an intense beam of light, focused on wherever unwanted body hair is growing. The hair absorbs the light, and it gets heated all the way down to the follicle. When the follicles get heated enough, they are destroyed, and hair stops growing. It will take a few treatments to completely destroy the follicles. You may begin noticing hair falling out just days after your first appointment, with fine hairs replacing coarser ones.

During your appointment, our certified technicians will adjust the wavelength to perfectly target your hair, depending on its color and the pigmentation of the skin. You may experience minor pain caused by the heat, but our technicians will apply a cooling gel to numb any pain you feel.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas at Body Details

Body Details laser hair removal in Aventura can remove hair from all parts of the body including:

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Bikini Line
  • Brazilian
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Nipples
  • Bikini line

The appearance of the treated area immediately following laser hair removal will vary from patient to patient. Side effects, if any, are minor. They may include redness and swelling around the hair follicle, which are, in fact, desired clinical results and indicate that the follicle has responded to treatment. Most of our patients return to normal activity right away.

About the True Laser® Technology Used at Body Details

Body Details uses the most advanced technology on the market. True Laser® Technology is rated Class IV by the FDA, meaning it is the most powerful laser available for hair removal. We can control wavelength and intensity for your hair color and sensitive areas.

Other laser hair removal clinics use intense pulsed light (IPL) systems, which don’t work as well. They are easier to use, but they aren’t actually lasers. They use broader spectrums of light, which makes it much less effective on anyone that doesn’t have fair skin and dark hair.

About our Staff

At Body Details, our Aventura laser hair removal experts are held to the highest standards. Every procedure is performed by someone who holds a Master’s degree as a Physician’s Assistant or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. In addition, our staff is certified by our board-certified team of medical directors, and are trained by the manufacturers of the devices we use.

When you choose Body Details, you can rest assured that you are being treated by the best in the business. Few, if any, other hair removal clinics in South Florida operate with the level of expertise and care that we do.

Why Choose Body Details

Using the latest technology in Aventura laser hair removal, Body Details can rapidly treat large areas without the limitations of older technologies. Unlike other systems, our True Laser® can treat the fine hair on a woman’s upper lip just as easily and effectively as the coarse hair on a man’s back.

Our lasers have a longer wavelength that allows them to be used safely and effectively on patients with light or dark skin. The handpiece utilizes a coolant spray that increases patient comfort and minimizes the adverse skin reaction commonly seen with other laser technology. Body Details is the best option for laser hair removal in North Miami.

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

How long does Body Details Aventura laser hair removal procedure last?

Depending on the client and how many areas are being treated, each laser hair removal procedure can last anywhere from 5 to 90 minutes. Many areas can take as little as 10 minutes. The process is generally quick and easy.

What is the interval between laser hair removal sessions?

Normally laser hair removal treatments in Aventura are spaced a minimum of 10 weeks depending on the body area and the hair cycle for that area. For instance, facial areas are treated every 10 weeks whereas leg and back areas are treated every 10 to 12 weeks. Find out more about laser hair removal.

Can I tan before a laser hair removal treatment?

Try to avoid any kind of tanning two weeks before and after your Aventura laser hair removal sessions.