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Laser Fat Reduction FAQs

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    If you're reading this, chances are you're doing a little research on laser treatments (otherwise known as laser lipo). While there is a seemingly limitless amount of information on the subject to be found online, it's wise to get your information from a source you can trust if you are considering any fat-removal procedure. Staff members have performed over one million laser skin procedures and are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. Our laser fat loss FAQs (laser lipo FAQs) will provide you with the information you need to see if the procedure is right for you.

    What Is Laser Fat Reduction?

    Unlike traditional liposuction, which requires an invasive surgical procedure to remove stubborn fat from areas like the stomach, thighs, and arms, laser lipo is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that does not require you to go under general anesthesia. Lipo laser treatment relies on laser energy instead of incisions to slim the body quickly with little-to-no side effects. During the laser fat reduction procedure, our medical professionals use laser energy to liquefy body fat in a targeted area. At Body Details, we use the innovative Dominion Aesthetic eon™ device for laser fat removal, which enables your body to naturally eliminate fat cells through its own lymphatic system both safely and effectively.

    How Effective Is Laser Fat Reduction?

    When done properly, laser fat reduction is a safe and effective way to rid the body of fat cells, reduce cellulite's appearance, and tighten the skin in the area where the procedure is performed. Body Details' experienced medical professionals only use the Dominion Aesthetic eon™ body contouring device because it provides the greatest results with the least amount of negative side effects. The Dominion Aesthetic eon™ provides patients with an impressive average of 26.1% reduction in fat (an average of two inches of circumference loss), with upwards of 39% of patients seeing between 20% and 45% fat reduction after just a single treatment. These statistics are far better than other non-invasive fat removal procedures, and unlike traditional liposuction, there is zero downtime associated with low-level laser therapy for fat loss.

    Which Areas Can Laser Fat Reduction Treat?

    While some providers use machines that can target several areas of the body where fat deposits are stored, the medical experts at Body Details only use the innovative Dominion Aesthetic eon™ for laser fat treatment. This unrivaled body contouring device is cleared by the FDA for use specifically in the abdominal area.

    What Are Laser Fat Reduction Treatments Like?

    When you arrive for your laser lipo treatment at Body Details, our medical professionals will adjust the eon™ to meet your individual needs. The eon™ utilizes a unique cooling system to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and experience little-to-no pain throughout the procedure. Just lay down and relax while the procedure takes place, and you’ll be out the door in about an hour or less. The treatment is non-invasive, so there is no swelling, pain, tenderness, or redness, which means there is also no downtime post-treatment. Unlike more invasive fat-reduction procedures, you can immediately return to normal activities.

    How Many Laser Fat Reduction Treatments Do You Need?

    Unlike most other body contouring procedures, when laser lipo is performed using the Dominion Aesthetic eon™, you'll only need one treatment session for impressive results. More sessions can be purchased to achieve even more fat loss and target your stubborn pockets of fat. Generally, patients will see full results in about 12 weeks, with initial results being seen after just one to three weeks. While traditional liposuction reveals more dramatic fat loss immediately post-treatment, surgery poses very real risks that are not a concern with laser fat treatment. While laser lipo results will be seen after just one session, patients also have the option to return for additional fat removal treatments. Treatment plans are customized to each patient's specific needs. Call 866-708-8645 to schedule your free virtual consultation now.

    How Much Does Laser Fat Reduction Cost?

    The cost of laser fat treatment varies depending on the part of the body you want to treat, the experience of the provider you visit, and even where you live. When comparing the pricing of different laser fat loss options, keep in mind that laser lipo at Body Details with the Dominion Aesthetic eon™ device requires only one treatment. Pricing is based according to your particular treatment plan.

    Benefits of Laser Fat Reduction at Body Details

    The Dominion Aesthetic eon™ laser fat loss device is in a class by itself. Compared to other laser lipo devices, it can treat 6x the body area and provides the most precise laser fat therapy available. The autonomous robotic articulating arm used by the eon™ ensures that there are no missed spots, no unevenness or imbalances, and no user error. The eon™ is completely contact-free, doesn't require the use of applicators or gels, and there is no downtime post-treatment. Additionally, when you undergo laser lipo at Body Details with the Dominion Aesthetic eon™ body contouring device, you'll only need one treatment to see results. The laser fat removal procedure takes about an hour to complete, and you'll see full results in just twelve weeks. There are none of the dangers associated with traditional liposuction, such as going under general anesthesia, post-surgical complications, or infections, and you won't need to take time off to recover. Your treatment will be painless and with minimal to no recovery time, you'll be able to get out the door and back to life in a snap. We hope these laser fat treatment FAQs (laser lipo FAQs) have provided you with the information you need to determine whether or not the procedure is right for you.

    Can I Get Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) from an EON Treatment?

    The short answer is no. Patients are often concerned or skeptical of all non-invasive body-contouring devices on the market and the risk they inherently present to patients, however, EON laser fat removal provides permanent fat reduction results while protecting the patient by introducing robotic technology with built-in safety features.

    What is Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH)?

    According to RealSelf, “fat freezing carries a risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), in which fat cells expand in reaction to extreme cold. A study published in a 2018 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery puts the risk of PAH at 0.72%, or 1 out of every 138 cryolipolysis treatments. PAH can only be corrected with traditional liposuction, sometimes coupled with a surgical procedure to remove scar tissue.”

    How is EON different?

    EON is a relatively new body contouring device (510K FDA clearance received in 2019). However, laser technology has been utilized in the field of plastic surgery since the 1970s. EON’s mode of action is a 1064nm laser that melts fat cells by heating them, as opposed to freezing, in order to permanently eliminate stubborn unwanted fat. There have been no known published cases of PAH that have occurred as a result of heat-based body-contouring treatments, including laser.

    If I Can't Get PAH, What Type of Adverse Reactions Can Occur with EON?

    In a clinical study conducted by Thomas Fiala, MD, MBA, FACS, FRCSC on patients undergoing EON treatments, there were no unexpected or unresolved safety issues. Two patients (7.7%) did experience adverse events. The first subject experienced mild erythema (superficial reddening of the skin, usually in patches, as a result of injury or irritation causing dilatation of the blood capillaries) during the session, which led Dr. Fiala to shorten the treatment segments from 20 to 15 minutes for this patient only. The erythema had fully resolved by the time the patient left Dr. Fiala's office. The second subject had panniculitis with nodularity (tender or painful bumps below the skin's surface) reported at six weeks with full resolution by 12 weeks, as evidenced by ultrasound scans. Additional findings from the study:
    • No burns.
    • There was a case of a small blister. During the follow-up conversation two days post procedure, the patient said that it had resolved.
    • No findings of hypo or hyperpigmentation.
    • No paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).
    Outside of the clinical study, physicians have reported zero adverse reactions using the EON laser device since EON’s introduction to the U.S. aesthetic market. “I am known for being completely honest and upfront about medical procedures and that has allowed me to gain respect from Drs, patients, and the one million social followers who look to me to provide medical advice in the field of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics. For this reason I've never wanted to endorse a non surgical device that couldn't provide real results. Not only is this the first and only device I have seen kill fat without surgery but it does so consistently. I am proud to offer EON in all 6 of my clinics and to date have never had one complication.” ~Dr Chad Deal, Double Board Certified Cosmetic And Plastic Surgeon from Southern Surgical Arts.

    What Safety Measures Can I Expect from EON's Robotic Technology

    EON is the first robotic, touchless technology with a primary focus on treatment consistency, efficacy, and unrivaled safety for practitioners and their patients. Robotics have been used in medical surgery for many years due to their precision, elimination of human error, safety, and consistency. EON’s robotic system was designed to monitor treatments with 42 real-time sensors that speak directly to the device's computing system. These sensors were created to reduce human error and to add an unprecedented level of patient safety.
    • Laser power sensors: detect, in real-time, if the laser power is outside the predefined limits. The software shuts the laser off accordingly.
    • Skin temperature sensors: detect, in real-time, if the skin temperature exceeds 43°C. The software shuts the laser off accordingly.
    • Proximity sensors: detect, in real-time, if the treatment head is too far or too close to the patient. The device then re-adjusts to a certain limit or pauses treatment.
    • Robotic force sensors: detect, in real-time, if there is any obstruction to the robotic movement. If this occurs, the software stops the arm movement immediately and shuts off the laser.
    • Door interlock: detects, in real-time, if the door interlock is open. If so, the software will shut down the laser immediately.
    • Laser interlock: detects, in real-time, if the laser interlock is open (this means laser fiber is disconnected from the laser). The software will shut down the laser immediately.
    • Internal system monitoring: identifies that all internal components are operating correctly. If the software detects any anomaly, it shuts off the laser and displays an error message. This system also allows safety engineers to continuously monitor the laser temperature, chiller temperatures, airflow, air temperature, and internal communication, and make adjustments if necessary.

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