Zimmer Cryogenic Device

A common device used during laser tattoo removal treatments, the Zimmer cryogenic device is used to prevent damage to the epidermis and to lessen the pain felt by clients. Via bursts of cryogen, the outer skin experiences an immediate cooling sensation. A trained technician can use the dynamic cooling device in adjustable durations before and after each laser pulse.

Use of the Zimmer cryogenic device has been proven to help increase the speed in which tattoos will fade. The numbing factor allows licensed medical technicians to use higher levels of energy while performing laser tattoo removal treatments. These higher wavelengths penetrate the skin deeper than usual, breaking up more ink pigment, resulting in faster fading.

The Zimmer cryogenic device offers many advantages, including:

  • An alternative to topical numbing creams
  • A pain-free and comfortable tattoo removal treatment
  • Less swelling and irritation afterward