TAC (Triple Anesthetic Cream)

A triple anesthetic cream, or TAC, is a topical cream that is used to numb the skin during many procedures, including laser hair removal. These creams typically contain three ingredients: benzocaine, lidocaine, and teltracaine, so it’s sometimes referred to as BLT Gel. This cream is just one of several options that licensed medical laser technicians offer to numb the area being treated.

TAC is safe to be applied to most areas of the skin. Traditionally, the chemical compounds contain 20 percent benzocaine, eight percent lidocaine, and eight percent tetracaine. A pharmacist can customize this to fit individual patients’ needs.


Benzocaine is found in many over-the-counter anesthetic or topical pain relievers, including cough drops, numbing creams, and ointments used to treat oral irritations. It can also be found in products to relieve ear pain and drops to remove earwax.


Alone, lidocaine is often used to numb the tissue of a specific area. It works by blocking sodium channels, decreasing the rate of contractions to the heart.


Tetracaine is another numbing compound and is considered a local anesthetic. It is used when the numbness is required rapidly.