Q-Switch Laser

Q-switch lasers are known to be the most effective at complete tattoo removal. These lasers use a pulsed output beam rather than a straight beam. This technique allows high laser power, speeding up the tattoo removal process. Q-switch lasers have also been proven to provide better clearance results with less scarring.

Original Q-switch lasers were only available in one wavelength. Today’s Q-switch lasers provide specific wavelengths for various color ranges. For example:

Nd:YAG laser: 1064 nm Wavelength

  • Ideal for removing black and dark tattoos
  • Can treat a wide range of ink colors

Nd:YAG laser: 532 nm Wavelength

  • Most effective for removing red, violet, orange, yellow, and brown inks
  • Can treat a wide range of ink colors

Ruby laser: 694 nm Wavelengths

  • Ideal for removing blue and green ink colors, including lime green, teal, and turquoise
  • Can remove black ink that was resistant to 1064 nm wavelengths

Alexandrite laser: 755 nm Wavelengths

  • Ideal for treating colors in the green and blue family
  • Can treat black inks
  • Cannot remove red ink because it is a red laser

Recent technology has introduced the picosecond Q-switched lasers, which have shorter pulse durations. With pulse widths in the picosecond range, these lasers have been known to achieve complete removal with fewer treatments than regular Q-switched lasers.