Q-Switch Laser – Ruby


  • Works best at targeting bright blues and greens
  • Emits a wavelength of 694 nm
  • Works best on light skin because it can cause hypopigmentation on tanned or dark skin tones
  • Light source is achieved through a synthetic ruby crystal

When advanced lasers were first introduced as tools that could be used for laser tattoo removal, the original Q-switch lasers were only available in one wavelength: 1064 nm. There are now multiple kinds of Q-switch lasers, and each one provides a different wavelength that targets certain colors.

The Q-switch ruby laser can treat a wide range of ink colors, including green, blue, violet, and black. It emits wavelengths at 694 nm, creating a visible red light. One of the biggest tattoo trends that affected laser tattoo removal was the use of bright inks. Many of the medical lasers on the market had a difficult time targeting bright blues and greens until the ruby laser was developed.

The Q-switch ruby laser uses a synthetic ruby crystal as its laser source, giving the laser its red appearance. Those with tanned or dark skin often show slower results with this laser because the pigment in their skin absorbs most of the laser’s energy. This has caused hypopigmentation in some cases.