Q-Switch Laser – Alexandrite


  • Releases 755 nm wavelengths
  • Targets green, blue, and violet ink
  • Also targets and fades black ink
  • Should not be used on tanned or darker skin tones
  • Only new lasers with the 532 nm hand piece can target red ink

When advanced lasers were first introduced as tools that could be used for laser tattoo removal, the original Q-switch lasers were only available in one wavelength: 1064 nm. There are now multiple Q-switch lasers, and each one provides a different wavelength for targeting specific colors.

The Q-switch alexandrite laser releases wavelengths of 755 nm, ideal for targeting green, blue, violet, and black inks. Though it isn’t typically the best wavelength for those with dark skin, the picosecond Q-switched alexandrite laser is one of the best on the market right now. Alterations were made after studies showed that little or no fading was occurring for those with red ink. Now, the laser comes with a 532 nm Nd:YAG laser hand piece. However, with just a 2mm treatment spot size, using this laser for predominantly red tattoos can be time consuming. Additionally, this small treatment size causes shallower penetration, which slows down the fading process. Overall, the Q-switch alexandrite laser works best for those who have light skin and tattoos that contain the target colors and minimal red ink.