Physician’s Assistants (PAs)

Physician’s assistants, or PAs, are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to prevent and treat illnesses and injuries. Their training allows them to work for a broad range of healthcare facilities, and they can often perform the tasks of most doctors. A physician assistant can prescribe medication, perform procedures, order and interpret tests, diagnose a patient, and assist in surgeries.

To become a PA, one must earn a master’s degree in the field or a bachelor’s degree in the sciences and have a passing GRE or MCAT score. PAs tend to practice primary care or medical specialties, including surgery, cardiology, and emergency medicine. Their problem-solving skills and broad medical knowledge can be useful nearly anywhere.

Most laser technicians are only required to take a brief training course of approximately 30 hours to learn how to use medical lasers. They have no medical training or advanced degrees to ensure a safe experience for their clients. Since standards do not yet exist for laser technicians in the hair removal industry, Body Details decided to raise the bar. We only staff our treatment centers with the best of the best. A certified PA or an advanced registered nurse practitioner performs every laser hair removal treatment. Additionally, we make sure our laser technicians are certified by our established team of medical directors and medical laser manufacturers.