Number of Treatment Sessions – Laser Tattoo Removal

The number of laser tattoo removal sessions required to achieve full results depends on several factors, including the size, location, color, and quality of the tattoo. It’s often recommended to undergo between five and 10 sessions, but there is no guarantee that complete removal can be achieved with any specific number of treatments.


Small tattoos tend to fade faster because the laser has less ink to target. Additionally, the body has less ink particles to break down.

Ink Color

Dark colors such as black, green, and blue tend to be easier to remove because wavelengths can target them more easily. Light colors, like yellow and white, tend to require more treatments.


The quality of the ink that was used can greatly impact the number of treatments required to achieve complete tattoo removal. High-quality ink is made to last, making it much harder to break up the pigment. The quality of the tattoo may also lead to more sessions. Amateur tattoo artists tend to form uneven marks that make removal more difficult.

Age of the Tattoo

Time will naturally fade a tattoo because environmental factors and the body’s natural immune system chip away at the pigment. Because of this, older tattoos are easier to remove and necessitate fewer treatments.


The location of a tattoo on the body impacts the removal process because blood flow contributes to carrying away pieces of broken pigment. A tattoo that is close to the heart will fade faster than one that is on the ankle.