Neck Tightening

Loose skin around the neck is part of the natural aging process, but it can also be caused by a drastic fluctuation in weight, excessive sun exposure, and genetics. There are many options to treat the sagging skin around the neck, including plastic surgery, chemical peels, and creams. While they all claim to provide results, the best nonsurgical tightening procedure is laser skin rejuvenation.

As a noninvasive photorejuvenation procedure, laser rejuvenation around the neck can be done in an average of twenty minutes. With these kinds of treatments, there is often little or no down time required. Depending of the severity of the skin around the neck, several treatments might be needed. Laser sessions are typically scheduled one month apart, as results will continue to occur for several weeks after each treatment.

Neck tightening by laser rejuvenation is best done with a fractional laser, meaning the laser penetrates the deep layers of the skin without affecting its outer layer. The laser tightens the skin around the neck by targeting dead or damaged skin cells, which allows the body to naturally dispose of them. Nearby healthy skin cells will then help the healing process as the body produces new skin cells, eliminating any wrinkles.

Laser rejuvenation also helps to stimulate collagen production, something that usually stops in a person’s 30s. This increase in collagen will tighten the skin of the neck and bring back its elasticity.