Natural Anti-Aging

In search of the cure for aging, many people have gone the natural route. Stemming from the anti-aging movement, natural anti-aging uses ingredients found in nature to reduce the signs of aging. It was developed after dermatologists discovered that women in other countries were using things they found in the areas they lived to give their skin a more youthful appearance.

For example, in China, different kinds of teas are used for all kinds of beauty remedies, and many of their teas are high in anti-aging antioxidants. These teas are specifically rich in an antioxidant called EGCG, which helps to prevent wrinkles and increase healthy skin cell production. Additionally, tea can be used to create face masks that have a more direct effect on the skin.

In Mexico, women mix together lemon juice and sugar to create a scrub for their hands. The sugar crystals exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells while the lemon juice is full of alpha hydroxy acid, which is an ingredient often found in anti-aging products. Since many women say that their hands give away their age, this scrub is used in Mexico to prevent that. These are just some of the natural anti-aging ingredients people have been using in other countries that are now trickling into the United States.