Nanometers are a form of measurement used to measure wavelengths. Essential to the technology used during laser tattoo removal, differing wavelengths are used to target various pigment colors. Each color along the visible light spectrum is associated with a different amount of emitted wavelengths. Light energy is visible with a wavelength between 390 nanometers and 700 nanometers. Knowing which measured wavelength is needed to remove each color of ink is essential for laser tattoo removal.

The most common wavelengths used in laser tattoo removal are 1064 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm, and 755 nm.

1064 nm Wavelength

  • Ideal for removing black and dark tattoos
  • Can treat a wide range of ink colors

532 nm Wavelength

  • Most effective for removing red, violet, orange, yellow, and brown inks
  • Can treat a wide range of ink colors

694 nm Wavelengths

  • Ideal for removing blue and green ink colors, such as lime green, teal, and turquoise
  • Can remove black ink that was resistant to 1064 nm wavelengths

755 nm Wavelengths

  • Ideal for treating colors in the green and blue family
  • Can treat black inks as well
  • Cannot remove red ink because it is a red laser

Wavelengths 585 nm and 650 nm are created through dyed filters and do not create a wavelength that has enough energy to compare to the earlier mentioned wavelengths.