Laser Acne Scar Removal

The only thing worse than dealing with acne is having to deal with the marks and scars pimples often leave behind. For every home remedy that can be found online to get rid of acne scars, there are a hundred creams promising to do the same. Acne scars form after an inflammation, or pimple, in the dermis layer doesn’t heal properly. In most cases, the reason acne doesn’t heal properly is due to popping or picking at the affected area.

When an acne scar begins to form on the skin, one of two things will occur. Collagen will either leave the area or form in excess in the area. When an acne scar loses collagen during the healing process, the marks left behind are called atrophic acne scars. While these are the most common types of scars left behind by acne, they’re also the hardest to cover up or hide. Split into four different crater-like markings, these acne scars complete change the texture of a person’s skin and are commonly found on the face. When collagen increases during the healing process, a hypertrophic scar will form where the area will be slightly raised.

Laser acne scar removal has been proven to completely eliminate both types of acne scars. While many people seek out laser skin rejuvenation to get rid of signs of aging, doctors can eliminate scars—acne scars in particular—with these treatments as well.