Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are decorative temporary tattoos that imitate jewelry and other symbols that are trending in the tattoo industry. They’re typically metallic and come in dozens of styles that can be applied in a matter of seconds. They accentuate different parts of the body and are particularly popular during the summer.

Flash tattoos are used as a replacement for bracelets, necklaces, and most popularly, armbands. Sometimes they depict tribal designs or things found in nature, such as birds, feathers, branches, fruit, butterflies, and flowers. Other flash tattoos are similar to henna designs and placed on the hands and feet. These temporary tattoos are similar to blackwork and tribal styles.

Like the temporary tattoos found in cereal boxes, flash tattoos can be applied to clean skin with just a little water. They last four to six days and offer a higher quality than the ones from our childhood. Flash tattoos are the ideal option for those who love the look of a tattoo but don’t want to commit to a permanent one.