A tattoo enthusiast is someone who has a special interest in tattoos and is devoted to the lifestyle. Typically, the person is knowledgeable on the subject and has dozens of tattoos of his or her own. There are many reasons that people are attracted to this lifestyle, including the following physical and psychological aspects of the process.


When a person gets a tattoo, the body’s nervous system triggers the fight-or-flight response, including the release of adrenaline in response to the pain. Many tattoo enthusiasts crave this feeling. Some even call it an addiction.


Also a response to pain, the brain releases endorphins and floods the body, creating a natural high. This feeling brings tattoo enthusiasts back to their tattoo artist time and time again.


Most tattoos have a special meaning to their owner. Tattoo enthusiasts in particular find that their ink helps express who they are, and they use their artwork to attract attention.

Pain Substitution

Tattooing can be a replacement for emotional pain. The rhythm and bearable pain of getting a tattoo is sometimes considered therapeutic and used to relieve emotional or mental stress. Those who feel this way are looking for a sense of control.


Tattoo enthusiasts often push boundaries and do their best to stand out rather than blend in.