Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD)

Commonly used along with an alexandrite laser, a dynamic cooling device, or DCD, is a tool that prevents damage to the epidermis during laser hair removal treatments. It works by spraying the outer layers of the skin with a burst of cryogen, which gives the skin a cooling sensation. A trained technician can apply the DCD so that it hits the skin directly before and after each laser pulse.

The DCD works by cooling the top layer of the skin without disturbing the layers beneath. This allows the targeted hair follicles, veins, and other layers of the skin to remain a normal temperature. Many licensed professionals use a DCD because it allows them to use higher levels of laser energy without putting clients in more pain. The bursts of cryogen numb the outer layer of the skin, or the epidermis, providing a more comfortable, painless experience for clients.

The many advantages of using a DCD including the following:

  • Reduced risk of over-treatment
  • A pain-free and comfortable laser hair removal treatment
  • Better, faster results
  • Client satisfaction
  • Less swelling and irritation afterward

DCDs are recommended for all skin types and colors.