Body Art

Body art is a broad term that refers to any art that is made on, with, or consisting of the human body. Tattoos are often referred to as body art even though there are kinds of tattoos, such as medical and cosmetic tattoos, that don’t necessarily look like art. Achieved by inserting ink into the dermis layer, tattoos change the pigment of the skin. This is typically done with a machine that punctures the skin with a needle quickly, but it can be done with a sewing needle or safety pin.

Other examples of body art include the following.

  • Body piercings
  • Scarification – The intentional, permanent scarring of skin by scratching, etching, or cutting designs or words into it.
  • Branding
  • Subdermal implants – Implants are placed beneath the skin. This allows the skin to heal over the implant, so the image of the implant appears as a raised design.
  • Scalpeling – A scalpel is used to create decorative perforations.
  • Shaping – Tight lacing or corsets are used to shape the body into hourglass-like features.
  • Full body tattoos
  • Body painting