Many know bleaching as a process that makes hair lighter—a temporary solution to disguise unwanted body hair. However, there is another form of bleaching. Medical lasers are designed to target the pigment of the hair, but it’s difficult for lighter hairs to absorb the light. Consequently, these hairs are usually left untreated. With the power of Q-switched lasers, technicians can target the melanin of fine hair follicles and bleach them. This not only makes the hairs invisible, they fall out within 10 to 15 days.

While this is not a permanent hair removal solution, it provides an option for women who are trying to get rid of peach fuzz. The hair will typically grow back within four to six weeks, but some patients have noticed a reduction in hair growth after a few treatments. These treatments are safe for all skin types and colors, even tanned skin.

Those who have undergone treatments have noticed smooth and flawless results. They no longer have to deal with side effects, such as redness, irritation, peeling, blemishes, or ingrown hairs. Bleach sessions can be scheduled every four to six weeks, ensuring the hair remains unnoticeable. Conversely, bleach products don’t solve the problem of excess hair, and they can make hair stand out even more if they aren’t used properly. Laser bleaching is the only hair removal method that eliminates hair without creating stubble.