Anti-Aging Drugs

Aging is impossible to stop completely, but researchers are now experimenting with anti-aging drugs. Designed to significantly slow down the aging process, scientists have discovered through animal testing that a calorie-restriction diet can help elongate life. More than a simple diet, caloric restriction reduces a person’s calorie intake drastically, while avoiding malnutrition.

Based on this research, there have been several attempts to develop a drug that produces the same results as a calorie-restriction diet. In addition to new drugs, scientists are also testing some existing drugs to see if they can extend the lives of test animals. These drugs include sirolimus, which is used to treat a rare lung disease as well as to aid in organ transplants, and metformin, which is used to treat those with type 2 diabetes.

Anti-aging drugs may put off the aging process and extend the average human lifespan, but it is a completely separate technology from that used for age reversal. Laser skin rejuvenation is currently the best age-reversing treatment available to get rid of signs of aging without going under the knife. With it, you’ll be able to look years younger.