Age Skin Spots

Caused by overactive melanin and years of exposure to the sun, certain areas of the skin will develop age skin spots when melanin is produced in high amounts. These spots tend to appear as flat, oval areas of discoloration or pigmentation and can range in color from beige to black. As age spots are more common in those who have naturally fair skin, they can be confused for clumps of freckles when they’re acquired at a young age. However, most people don’t start developing these marks until they’re in their forties.

Also known as liver spots, age spots form more often in areas that have been most exposed to the sun over the years, such as the face, shoulders, tops of feet, hands, and the scalp. These imperfections were once thought to be caused by the liver, which is where they got their name. This, of course, turned out to be false, but the name stuck.

Typically harmless, some find that their age spots give their skin character. However, others see them as imperfections that should be removed. Laser skin rejuvenation is the leading treatment for getting rid of discoloration in the skin since it’s able to target the problem at its root within the layers of the skin. By targeting the damaged skin cells that are causing age spots to form, the procedure can help the body naturally heal the area. Unlike any other treatment for skin discoloration, laser skin rejuvenation can eliminate dark marks as well as increase the skin’s elasticity and youthfulness.