Will Tattoo Removal Advance Your Career?

tattoo removalTattoos have become the norm among younger generations, and they’re often considered a form of artistic expression. Though we’ve come a long way since ink was a symbol of intimidation among criminals and biker gangs, not everyone has adapted.

Older generations still account for most CEO positions, and these are the people who will view your ink as a reason not to hire you.

Research has shown that while some people claim they wouldn’t judge potential employees on visible tattoos, there is still a large percentage of employers who wouldn’t hire them. Even coffee shops and retail stores have strict policies when it comes to the placement of ink, so if covering it up has become too much of a hassle, you should consider tattoo removal.

Continue reading to learn a couple of ways your tattoos may be affecting your employment.

It Conflicts with the Company’s Image

Companies spend a lot of money on marketing and branding, so they’re concerned with their image. A single tweet or Instagram photo can tarnish their reputation and negatively impact sales. Having an employee who doesn’t fit the company’s image may not have been a problem before the advent of social media, but it is now because it’s easy for the public to not only view images of employees on the company’s website but to track them down via social media profiles. So even employees who sit in a cubicle all day and are never seen by a customer represent the company’s appearance. Your tattoos may be an expression of who you are, but when you’re interviewing for a job, the company is looking for someone whose appearance expresses what the company is about. If you can’t cover them up with a sweater or jacket, tattoo removal might be your best option.

It Gives the Wrong First Impression

If you’ve had your tattoos for a while, you’re probably used to people asking what they depict or mean to you. You won’t have the privilege of addressing that during an interview. And it has been said that most interviewers know within the first 90 seconds whether they’re going to hire someone. You may be smart, educated, and well-dressed, but exposed tattoos can present a hardened demeanor. And with the way the job market is today, there’s no reason for employers to risk hiring you when they have dozens – or possibly hundreds – of other qualified, tattooless applicants. Tattoo removal can help you give others the impression you intended.

Social Media Photos May Give You Away

You may cover your tattoos at work, but it’s not uncommon for companies to check out what their employees are up to with a quick Google search. If you think your tattoos would offend your employer, it’s probably best to refrain from posting photos of them – or have your tattoos removed.

If you find that your tattoos are difficult to cover up, and employers are giving you a hard time, you may want to consider tattoo removal. Adhering to the look that fits your dream job is just one more step toward actually landing the job.

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