Will One Bikini Laser Hair Removal Treatment Last All Summer?

Come summer, the bikini line can be the most frustrating area to maintain. It seems that these dark, coarse hairs always start to grow back before we can even get our bathing suits on.

Not to mention the fact that you know the moment you get comfortable on the beach you’ll notice a patch of hair that was missed while shaving or waxing. You may have forgotten to look into laser hair removal this past winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from getting a laser treatment now. Here’s a look at how just one bikini laser hair removal treatment can get you through the summer.

Your Hair Growth Cycle

Hair grows in three stages: the anagen, the catagen, and the telogen stage. At any given time, each individual hair is at a different point in the growth cycle. This is why you might find that hairs start to grow in right after you’ve shaved or waxed. It’s not that you missed them, but that they hadn’t reached the surface yet when you were working on hair removal. The average hair growth cycle takes 4 to 6 weeks, but that can vary from person to person. It’s for this reason that laser hair removal treatments are spread out at a minimum of 8 weeks apart.

How Bikini Laser Hair Removal Works

Using fractional lasers, the hair around your bikini line can be targeted without damaging the skin in the process. The wavelengths delivered by our lasers are absorbed by the pigment in each hairs follicle, ultimately destroying them. Only the hairs at the skin’s surface will be destroyed, which is why numerous laser treatments are necessary. Most people require 5 to 10 laser hair removal treatments to complete the process, but you will see results after just one.

What You Will Notice After Just One Laser Treatment

After just one bikini line laser hair removal treatment, you will notice a significant difference in the area. The skin will be smooth, and any discoloration you may experience will be less visible. When the hair begins to grow back in, it will be thinner and far easier to manage. This hair usually sheds and can be made less obvious by exfoliating. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about shaving or waxing for a while, which can significantly reduce razor burn and skin irritations. With a minimum of 8 weeks between laser treatments, you’ll be able to have your first laser hair removal treatment done now and still enjoy most of your summer hair-free.

How To Get Started

First, you’ll want to decide if you want to receive a bikini line treatment or go for the Brazillian. The difference between the two, as you may already know, is the location of treatment. The bikini line includes the hair that grows roughly three inches outside of the area covered by panties, and can also include the sides of the labia and the top of the pubic area if that’s what you choose. Brazillian laser hair removal takes it further and includes the labia and perianal areas as well. Of course, you can customize your hair removal treatments so that you receive the look you like best.

Next, you will need to speak to a licensed medical laser technician and schedule your free consultation. It’s important that you choose a reputable laser clinic near you, as not all lasers are one and the same. You’ll want to ensure that you’re being treated with the latest laser technology to receive the best results and leave with the fewest side effects. It’s also important that the laser clinic you choose hires qualified technicians. It’s not just important that the person administering your treatments is certified, but they should also carry a medical degree and be certified on the exact laser they’re using on you.

Last, but not least, get your first bikini laser hair removal treatment, and you’ll be all set for summer! Just one session will leave you looking smooth for weeks, and you’ll be on your way to permanent removal. There’s no need to avoid the sun, and you’ll be able to have your next laser treatment just in time for Labor Day weekend.

Scheduling a laser hair removal consultation is easy! Watch bikini model Alexis Michaud get her Brazilian laser hair removal treatment at Body Details in this video to see just how simple and painless it is: