Styles That Help You Hold onto Summer

Styles that Help You Hold Onto SummerFall is rapidly approaching, and it will be hard to let go of some of those summer trends you love so much. And with summer clothes now on sale, it’s impossible to expect you to wait a whole year before rocking that new dress.

So don’t wait! Here are some of this summer’s hottest looks that can transition into the fall.

The Sundress

We wait all year to whip these out of our closet, and suddenly the season’s over. But there’s no reason to pack them away just yet. Short sundresses are still adorable with a sweater or a blazer thrown over them. Add a scarf and some knee-high boots for those extra windy days we’ll surely expect, and your fall look is complete. Even the most summery looking dresses can be transformed with the right accessories.

The Crop Top

Likely a trend that is here to stay, the crop top might seem like it’s impossible to transition into the colder months but think again. Fall is the perfect time of year to go apple picking and do some cider tasting, and a crop top with a high-waisted long skirt or pants might just make the perfect outfit. Neutral colors will enable you to accessorize the outfit with a vest and boots that will keep you warm at the orchards.

High-Waisted Shorts

So you bought high-waisted shorts to go with your crop top but the change in weather has got you thinking you’ll need to pack both away. Well, hold on just a minute. Wouldn’t those shorts look adorable with your oversized sweater and some thigh-high boots? Adding some fun stockings and a light scarf will give you the perfect fall look and keep you warm.

Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are adorable in the summer but hard to pull off in the fall. Or are they? Layer them with a long-sleeved shirt and a fall hat and boots. The ‘90s are making a comeback, and this outfit is the epitome of that era’s style. Additionally, if you decided to get rid of that lower back tattoo, this outfit allows you to show some skin while hiding your fading ink.


Just because your toes are exposed doesn’t mean your sandals are only suitable for the summer. Dark-colored shoes, such as brown, black, navy, and maroon, can be worn well into the colder months. Rock this look with leggings or skinny jeans and get more use out of the shoes that you couldn’t find time for this summer.

With summer wrapping up, you’ll be showing less skin, which is the ideal time to begin laser tattoo removal treatments. If you’ve been considering getting rid of the ink that the summer sun faded, start your treatments now. You’ll be able to hide the fading tattoo, which will eventually begin to look like a bruise, beneath autumn layers of vests, sweaters, and scarves. If your tattoo is one that you’d rather see gone next year, it’s time to call a professional.

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