Laser Hair Removal vs. Razor

Laser Vs Razor

Shaving is a routine, time-consuming activity for most people. The razor industry is is full of products intended to make the body hair removal process easy and convenient, but no matter how smooth your last shave may be, regrowth is always inevitable — unless you decide to go the laser treatment route.

Laser hair removal is popular for the simple fact that it eliminates the need to shave — permanently. After you have successfully completed your treatment sessions, you will no longer have to hassle with this early morning ritual. Laser hair removal may not be the best option for everyone, but the staff at Body Details knows there are many well-qualified candidates for the procedure. There are a few things you will need to consider before deciding whether laser body hair removal is in your best interest, so here is a quick, helpful guide.

Which Body Hair Removal Method Is Best for You?

People who have dark hair are the ideal candidates for laser hair removal because the procedure targets hair follicle pigmentation. Individuals with light hair will not have as effective results, but permanent hair removal is still entirely possible.

The most common areas the staff at Body Details target are those where unwanted hair growth is most prominent, and these include the face, neck, legs, chin, arms, toes, fingers and ears. Keep in mind that laser hair removal is not applicable for hair that grows inside the nose. For this region, plucking or trimming tend to be the most successful methods. We would like to remind all patients who have scheduled laser hair removal appointments to avoid both plucking and waxing at least one month before the appointment as doing eliminates the hair that the lasers are targeting to remove.

With the advancements in razor technology, shaving is certainly a great way to temporarily get somewhat smoother-looking skin, however, it does not provide the permanent, baby-smooth results that laser hair removal offers.